More Clover & Dandelion Thank You’s

Updated ~ May 18, 2009

The bunnies and other Wildlife Center patients are rejoicing at all the tasty clover and dandelions people have been donating from their yards, pastures, and gardens.

Collecting a little bag of clover from your lawn is a small and easy thing to do, but it has been extremely helpful to the Wildlife Center patients. The Center is currently caring for 28 bunnies and they are devouring a grocery bag full of greens every day. With duckling and gosling season looming, the Center will definitely put every bit of greens we can supply to good use!

So, some more thank you’s today to these recent dandelion and clover contributors:

Andrea … Pam … Carolyn (again!) … Beppy (again!)Shannon (again!) … Debbie … Ellen … Sandy … Elisabeth (again!) … and Sue.

I hope I haven’t forgotten anybody. Do let me know if I have.

The Wildlife Center can still use your contributions … scroll down for additional info on what to pick and where to bring it! Thank you!

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