Peaceful Hands’ New Massage Website

Finally, I have an easy way for you to find information about the massage and Ayurvedic arms of my Peaceful Hands Massage & Yoga practice.

My massage and Ayurvedic work seem to always get lost amidst all the yoga class juggling and posting on this blog.

So now, to learn more about my massage practice (and to set up an appointment), visit me online at:

You’ll find my office days/hours, rates, location, and lots of details about my background and my massage technique specialties.

There’s also a quick “Contact Jackie” form that allows you to ask questions, set up appointments, and purchase gift certificates quickly and easily.

I’ve also put the link to the site on this blog’s right hand column, under (what else?) “Links”.

I hope you’ll visit:

And, thank you all for your continuing patronage and referrals — your kind endorsements about my practice are the best advertising of all!

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