Earth, Wind, & Fire ~ The Keys To Life

“Where Agni is enkindled, where Vayu is controlled, where Soma overflows, there the higher mind is born. … All of the five elements are connected in the action of Yoga.”
~ from the Upanishads

So let’s break this beautiful scripture down … and translate the Sanskrit:

Agni = Fire
Vayu = Wind (Air & Ether)
Soma = Earth & Water

And, so the Upanishad now reads:

“Where FIRE is enkindled, where WIND is controlled, where EARTH & WATER overflow, there the higher mind is born.”

As I said in our EARTH class last night ~

Earth & Water give us physical substance, structure, and form.

Wind gives us movement (air) and the space that we move within (ether).

Fire gives us the tools to digest and consume; it allows us to thrive.

These five elements — Earth, Water, Air, Ether, Fire — must be in harmony and balance.  And, our Yoga classes this week focus on helping support that balance.

For Earth & Water … Without Water, our Earth gets hard, dry, and rigid.  Our bodies become hard, our mind becomes rigid.  But, with too much Water, our Earth turns to mud.  We get sluggish and slow in our bodies and in our minds.

For Wind … Too little Wind (air and ether) makes us stagnant and we fall in physical, mental, and emotional “ruts”.  We lose our ability to expand ourselves.  Too much Wind makes us physically dried out and brittle, weary, and “air headed.”

For Fire … A lack of fire, means we lose the “fire in our belly” … not only emotional drive and focus, but also the ability to properly digest nourishment and nutrition from food, from our senses, and from our experiences.  Too much … well, it can lead to frustration, anger, and burn out.

But, when things are in harmony … then we have good health, strong energy, and a peaceful heart that allows us to transcend the challenges of our day.  We move a little bit closer to that higher mind of serenity and bliss.

And, that is why we finish this week of Yoga-Palooza with 3 focused classes to find the balance … Earth.  Wind.  Fire.

Earth was last night.  Next up … Wind Wednesday!  And, Fire Friday!


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