Neck & Shoulder Freedom! Workshop 3/23

I’m delighted to welcome Certified Trager Practitioner Carrie Heitsch to Peaceful Hands Yoga Studio on Saturday, March 23 as she leads us to new freedom in our neck and shoulders.

The Trager Approach is a gentle and effective way of finding ease in the body through movement and changing our own ergonomic habits that create stress and tension.

Carrie’s workshop will help us all release built-up tension in the neck and shoulders (and, really, couldn’t we all use a bit of stress relief now and then?) and show us ways to make long-term changes in how we carry ourselves.

Using Mentastics (mental gymnastics) and movement that is suitable for all fitness levels, Carrie will share music, guided imagery, and teach new and practical ways to move more freely and easily in the upper body.  These practices can help relieve headaches, shoulder tightness and pain, and stress in the upper back and neck, and correct our own bad ergonomic habits and patterns.

Using these body cues can also help improve your own fitness routines and how you approach hobbies (like gardening, quilting, and exercise). Yoga practices, especially, benefit from the new-found body awareness that this kind of instruction can provide.

I’ll be there.  I hope you will, too.

9:00 to 11:00 a.m.
Peaceful Hands Yoga Studio
228 Warren Street, Orange Virginia
(includes a $5 coupon that can be used toward an individual Trager session with Carrie)


Pre-Registration is required.  Please register soon!


For Info or to Register contact Carrie at or call her at 540-222-3954

Carrie is a Certified Trager Practitioner with a practice in Culpeper, Virginia.

“I delight in using the Trager Approach to help individuals from all walks of life find comfort and ease in the activities of their day-to-day lives.” ~ Carrie Heitsch

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