A Good Day To Warm Up

Sometimes we find our Yoga lessons in the least-expected places.

I spent my high school and college years in North Dakota.  It was during high school that I found a small, 10-year-old Yoga book in the basement of my small town’s only department store.  (I still share some of the poses I learned from that book.)

In college, I encountered my first actual Yoga class.

A young woman at my college was teaching a weekly Yoga class.  I was the editor of the entertainment section of the student newspaper and decided to write about her classes.  I interviewed her and wrote a nice supportive article, but was too shy to actually take her class. 

(This is true … I was too shy to try the class.  That’s why I’m always so happy when I see the “regulars” at our studio go out of their way to say “hello” and help new students feel welcome when they come to their first class.)

But, perhaps the most important Yoga lesson I learned in North Dakota came on this day.  It was finals week of my senior year. This was the weather:

Yes, I went to class that day. I passed my finals. But, needless to say, it was my last winter in North Dakota. (And,  no, that was not me out jogging.)

But, that day … and many snowy, cold winters in North Dakota taught me this …

It’s always a good time to unroll your Yoga mat and warm yourself up.  Inside.

(I hope to see you in class … I’ll keep the room warm for you!)

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