Yes! Yoga On Wednesday, 6/24

Yes, indeed … we WILL have Yoga class tonight, Wednesday June 24, at Peaceful Hands!  4:30 and 6:00 p.m.

Here are a couple things for you to put on your calendar …

1) Tonight is the LAST class of this spring session and your last chance to get your makeup classes in.

2) We are OFF next week … no Yoga the week of June 29th

3) Our 8th Annual YOGAPALOOZA session will begin on Monday, July 6

4) I’ll post our special YogaPalooza schedule for July and August — with all your favorite summer classes and special treats! — over the weekend. So, if you didn’t get this info via email on Wednesday morning, be sure you’ve signed up to “FOLLOW” this website so you can stay “loopified” with Peaceful Hands. Just click the “Follow” button — which you’ll find either over there on the right side column of this website … OR … at the bottom of this page.

I hope to see you tonight at Yoga! 🙂


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