We’re Flocking To YogaPalooza!

All week you’ve been sending me your photos of the 2015 YogaPalooza calendar on the move.

I mean literally “on the move” … ready for a road trip on the back of a Jeep …

jeep and pup

Out in summer gardens …


Reminding us to do our cat tilts …


(Listen, Cat, that’s not how you do a cat tilt.)

Slipped into peaceful spaces …

meditation corner

Sent into infinity …

infinite yogapalooza

And, tucked into Yoga mats …

yoga mat

Maybe this is all just a nice reminder to keep the spirit and playfulness of Yoga in your heart, even when you’re not on your mat.

I loved all the photos you sent — each and every one made me smile. But, there had to be a winner, right?

And, that came from Susan V. who sent me this photo of her chicks and goslings who apparently are deciding which YogaPalooza classes they will be attending. (I hope they don’t mind that I added a tagline.) …

we are flocking to yogapalooza

You thought Yoga was only for chicks? Goslings like it, too!

Thanks for being part of YogaPaloozaVille this summer! Don’t forget to check the calendar … there’s lots of Yoga ahead and I look forward to seeing you on the mat!

If you still need a copy of the calendar to post on your fridge or for your cat to sit on here it is: yogapalooza 15 mini calendar


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