Winter Yoga — Classes Extended Through March 2

when a child learns to walk

What keeps you on your mat?

It’s nearly spring! How do I know? Because it’s time to figure out how many Yoga classes we need to make up because of snow. If we’ve finally made it to the “make-up” part of the session, then I know it’s nearly spring!

This current Peaceful Hands Yoga Winter Session should have finished up this Wednesday.  But, we have two bad weather make-up classes to get in, so, if all goes “springily” …

The current WINTER SESSION will continue through Wednesday, March 2.

Classes are Mondays and Wednesdays, 4:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

That gives you a few more classes to get your classes in. If you don’t know how many classes you’ve attended this session, I have the list.

And, remember, you needn’t wait for a new session to start a class at Peaceful Hands.  Join us … we are Yoga students at all levels, all ages, and all abilities.

For general information about Peaceful Hands Yoga classes, click here.

And, if any regulars are still reading, I invite you to leave a comment at the end of this post about our classes. How has Yoga helped you? What inspires you? What keeps you on your mat? What would you say to someone who is “thinking” about coming to class, but isn’t quite sure it’s the right fit for them? Your encouragement may be just the support someone needs to take that first step.

Take that first step toward better health … step on your mat.

12 thoughts on “Winter Yoga — Classes Extended Through March 2

  1. I would have never thought I would like Yoga. I have always been a person who needed cardio, weights and constant movement in my workouts. Even though I was enjoying the exercise I mentioned, I still felt stressed immediately after I finished my session. With Yoga, you do constantly move, use your body itself to do weight training and Jackie even gets a cardio component in with certain sessions. So important is what it does for my mind . It has helped reduce my stress and blood pressure while providing me enjoyment. The only stress I have is when I have to miss a session. I enjoy it that much. Come join in. It might be just the change you need. It was for me.

  2. I started yoga with Jackie about 3 years ago. I had a injury to my shoulder and was going through some issues with my joints. My doctor even told me not to “do yoga” as it will make my joint issues worse. But I knew I felt better when I stretched so I thought I should try it. With Jackie’s help, I learned how to practice positions to not only help heal my shoulder but to also allow my joints to feel better and not to overextend. I cannot imagine where I would be right now without making the choice to try yoga. The other upside, I have learned how to really listen to my body, not judge myself if today I cannot get into a pose that I could yesterday and learn to let go of my thoughts to just be in that moment. It is freeing. (Side note: I have also met some really nice and supportive people in class!)

  3. I love our yoga sessions for many, many reasons. The effect on overall dexterity and ultimate health is an obvious benefit. Yoga, by itself and done in the privacy of one’s home, provides a chance to stay limber, connected to oneself and healthier all around. But the companionship present only in a class is invaluable. Contrary to what I initially worried about, our class is absolutely stress-free and sociable. All of us have our individual weaknesses and health issues, so all levels of ability are accepted and, actually, expected! I never feel the need to be competitive except with myself. And, Jackie is always reinforcing the idea that we should strive to improve while at the same time embracing and honoring our own limitations. “Be kind to yourself” is definitely one of the goals of our yoga. While my own improvements have taken quite some time to kick in, the fact is that improvement has indeed been made. Everyone has felt the benefits of our yoga and have done so with the full support and encouragement of the instructor and fellow class members. The overall atmosphere is positive, loving, energetic, and, mostly, fun!

  4. I have been doing yoga and loving it for many many years, but Jackies classes which I have taken since she started, have been the absolute best. She takes the time to explain each pose and how it helps you, with some poses she gives you the opportunity to move into a harder pose, if you wish. Jackie will gently move you into a better alignment when necessary. She will let you know what works for your body as well. The class is relaxing and at the same time invigorating to your body. I don’t feel competitive at all, and look forward to each class. If you never tried yoga and would like to, this is the class to try. If you have been doing yoga for years, i think you will enjoy this class as well.

  5. First of all I echo all of the previous posts. I have my own unique challenges as a result of a motor vehicle accident that left me with 3 pelvic fractures ,along with numerous other injuries. I was taking classes from Jackie prior to the injuries. When I was able to get back to taking classes Jackie was so supportive and encouraging……never forcing me to do any move that I did not feel comfortable doing. I still struggle with different poses,6 years after the accident but Jackie always makes me feel wonderful about myself and what I CAN do. I love my yoga classes and all the friends that I have made.

  6. Hi Jackie – I wanted to let you know that I probably won’t be back to yoga there in Orange with you because I have moved to Charlottesville. Loved your classes though and really think you are one of the best instructors I’ve had.
    Thanks so much!

    Brenda Wilson, LCSW, CEAP, GCM
    University of Virginia

  7. One thing of great importance I forgot to mention…..i have made many friends in our yoga class and I feel very blessed! I moved here in 1998, and left many friends behind, so it is very special to me to have found Jackie and all these wonderful people. Thank you….Jackie for bringing us all together, and for being such a spectacular teacher and friend. I can’t even begin to tell you how much that means to me.

  8. I was totally new to Yoga when I went to my first class with Jackie. I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into. REALLY! That was over three years ago, and it is the highlight of my week. I have learned so much and feel so much better. Jackie is spectacular. Not only does she teach poses, but so much more. I never leave a class without something good to think about and something good to remember. And I am always so relaxed after class. I have met so many wonderful people in my classes who I treasure in my heart. Joining Jackie’s classes was the best decision I have ever made.

  9. Hi Jackie,

    If I had only skipped out of work 5 minutes early, I would have been at class this evening. Since I didn’t make a speedy enough getaway, I got stuck working until just a few minutes ago (sigh). I’m sure I missed a wonderful class! I’ve been meaning to tell you (but too exhausted and brain-fried to do so) that your classes the last few weeks have been an absolutely essential part of my ability to survive an out-of-control-chaotic period at work. Thank you!

    (…and I wish I could make it on a Wednesday to make up at least some of the missed classes this session, but it’s just not possible…)

    Peace, Carrie

  10. Has anyone mentioned balance? Along with all the numerous benefits that others have mentioned, I feel grateful to have improved my sense of balance both physically and emotionally. Balance is one of the most challenging aspects of our yoga class for me but it is also one of the most gratifying when even a little improvement is made. Controlled breathing is another part of our practice which helps me immeasurably, both in class and outside when things get a little stressful. It is great to know that I can stop, take a few breaths and recalibrate if I need to. Finally, Jackie is a positive person and that sweet disposition permeates the yoga studio. Oh, and did I mention shavasana? it is pure bliss! Come see for yourself – you’ll wonder what took you so long! Namaste!

  11. I began my yoga practice this past November with no prior experience. Jackie’s instructions are easy to follow and I was able to learn the poses quickly through her thorough explanations. In two eight week sessions, I have already noticed strengthening in my chronically weak knees and ankles and improvement in my overall flexibility. I definitely recommend Peaceful Hands Yoga!

  12. I have been practicing yoga off and on for about 24 years. The main reason was stress reduction. I am a naturally a high strung and anxious person. I find that yoga really helps to slow me down. It has helped me with my horseback riding, through better balance and awareness of my body. As I have gotten older, I have noticed that it also really helps me to stay in better health. (I am sure it did this before, I just notice it more now!) Despite the obvious physical benefits, I also seem to make better food choices, and handle life with a different frame of mind when practicing yoga. Yoga has also helped with preventing migraines. I tend to get them when I am most stressed.

    Jackie has been my yoga teacher for the time that I have lived in Madison. She is a wonderfully caring person. I have enjoyed her classes immensely.

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