The Yoga of Music & Chant …

I hope last night’s Yoga class that entwined vibration and sound energized your practice. (After a full day of chanting, I’m just getting my voice back this morning!)

If you’d like to continue to incorporate the beneficial energy of sound, vibration, and chant with your practice, I have a couple copies of Awakening Spirit ~ The Yoga Of Music & Chant available.  It’s a two-CD set and it includes the chant we learned in class: Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu (May all beings be happy & free).

awakening spirit

Alongside the familiar Yoga practice of movement and meditation is the ancient Yoga of Music and Chant whose goal is to open your heart, awaken your mind, and arouse your spirit. Russill Paul is a modern master of this practice.

CD 1 Nada: Awakening Spirit: Russill’s remarkable Nada Yoga chanting is accompanied by his own ten-stringed hybrid instrument called a Unitar, Bansuri flute, Indian percussion, Sarangi, and Tanpura. Nada can be used for meditation, or to fill a room with uplifting energy. Chanting along is almost irresistible.

CD 2 Shabda: Mantra Mysticism: An ensemble of traditional and contemporary instruments supports Russill’s inspiring chanting. Listen quietly to go on an inward journey through meditative states, or chant along and be bathed in these healing sonic energies. Russill has shared the stage with many musical luminaries, and has performed for His Holiness the Dalai Lama. “His fusion of the sounds of India with the energy and technology of contemporary Western music produces a sound unequaled since George Harrison collaborated with Ravi Shankar in the late 1960s.”– Arlo Guthrie

This special two-CD set is $12.  UPDATE: The “Awakening Spirit” 2-CD set is now sold out.  If you’d like me to order another copy for you, just let me know (it usually takes about a week to get it).  Plus, there are other chanting and toning CDs available at the Peaceful Hands shop … including the following CD with chants done by one of the world’s most beautiful voices:

I also have a few copies of Deva Premal’s beautiful Healing Mantras available.

deva premal

Peace. Abundance. Compassion. Physical healing. These are just some of the universal aspirations we can usher into our lives through dedicated mantra practice. At once a serene listening experience and a powerful tool for transformation, Deva Premal’s Healing Mantras presents 17 Indian and Tibetan chants, each repeated 108 times in keeping with tradition. Selected by Deva herself for use as part of a daily practice or to permeate any space with healing energy, Deva is joined by the chanting of Buddhist Monks.

This CD is $11.

There are some other beautiful chant and vibrational music CDs that are also in our little “shop” at the studio. I keep just a few CDs in stock and if you’d like me to put something aside for you, please let me know. Email me at


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