Team Bear: Beggin’ for Bags.

The Wildlife Center of Virginia needs a favor from their trusty Team Bunny/Team Bear helper-outers. (That’s us!)


The Wildlife Center has admitted a record 28 bears this year and seven of them are currently living in a big outdoor bear enclosure.

Each day the bears consume fruits, veggies, dog food, and other treats.


Yum for bears.

Here’s where we come in … the cubs’ meals are packaged for them in brown paper grocery bags that are tossed over the enclosure fence. (This helps ensure that the cubs don’t start to associate mealtime with people.)


The cubs tear into their grub and the bags decompose – no fuss, no muss.


Mealtime is often followed by naptime — often falling asleep right in their food.

The Request: Can you spare a few brown paper grocery bags to help with the Center’s daily feeding?  (If the bags have paper handles on them – like the ones you get at Whole Foods and Trader Joes – that’s even better for tossing over the fence.)

Bring them to Yoga class this week or drop a few off at my massage studio in Madison.

It seems like a silly request, but it really will make the Center’s life easier …

For the latest update on the Center’s bear cubs click here.

And, here’s one of my favorite videos of the cubs exploring their new home in May.  They’re much bigger now. (Be sure to watch that little cub who’s so careful as he reaches his paw out into the straw.)


Thank you so much for being so generous, kind, and willing to help whenever the Center needs us.

1 thought on “Team Bear: Beggin’ for Bags.

  1. Jackie,This reminds me I need to check on the pear tree soon. And I’ll look into paper bags for you. If there’s a bag on your car tomorrow, it’s from me. I’ve been following all the news on the bears this summer and I would love to help if I can. Debi

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