No Yoga Classes Tonight ~ Monday, October 24

There will be NO Yoga classes tonight, Monday, October 24, at Peaceful Hands Yoga.

Very sorry … I’m under the weather bow* today.

To make up this class, we’ll extend the current Fall session through next Wednesday, November 2.

Holiday session will now begin on Monday, November 7. But, more on that upcoming schedule later …

I hope you get a chance to unroll your mat today.  Thank you for your understanding!

(And, if you know a fellow classmate who might not see this post, please let them know for me and help save them the extra trip. Thank you!)

Fun Fact: * The correct term is “under the weather bow” not “under the weather.” It’s a nautical term that refers to the windward side of the ship where all the rotten weather is blowing. It may also refer to ill sailors who were sent below deck or “under the weather.” See, you can learn something even when you feel crummy … or under the weather bow.

8 thoughts on “No Yoga Classes Tonight ~ Monday, October 24

  1. Welcome to your newest birth year! Hopefully, you’re getting rid of all accumulated bad germs from the past year and will sail smoothly through this next one.

    Thanks for the cool info about being “€œunder the weather bow”, especially the part about sick sailors going below. Yup, it’€™s never too late to teach this old dog a new trick.


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