Choose Your Make-Up Class

Thank you for your understanding as I cancelled Wednesday’s Yoga classes on such short notice.

We do need to make-up the missed class, and I’m asking for your help.  If you were planning to come to class on Wednesday, please vote on a date for the make-up class.  Either option works for me, so the choice is yours.  Please vote by Friday at noon.

Your choices are Wednesday, which is the day before Thanksgiving, or December 21, the Wednesday before Christmas.  I am happy to adjust my calendar for the date the majority prefers. Please use the poll below to register your vote. (Do not use the comments, just the poll below, please.)

This poll is now closed.  Thank you for voting!



Thank you again for your understanding about Wednesday’s classes.

(And, thank you for the kind and loving words you have left on Facebook for me. Stevie was a good cat, my BFF, and an excellent companion on my Yoga mat. I appreciate your understanding that allowed me to be with her to say ‘goodbye.’)


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