And Our Make-Up Class Will Be …

A round of thank you’s …

Thank You again for understanding about my needing to cancel Yoga class on Wednesday. I so appreciate your understanding and the kind words you sent.  You can read my tribute to Stevie here: “Stevie. BFF.”

Thank You for spreading the word. I can’t always be sure that everyone will see their emails when I have to cancel class on such short notice. I know that some of you texted and called your Yoga friends to make sure they knew. This quick communication reminded me of one of my favorite scenes from the movie Bye Bye Birdie.  And, now I have an excuse to post it here (so another thank you for that!)


And, Thank You for choosing a make-up class date. And, it wasn’t even a close call.

79 percent of you asked for class this coming Wednesday, November 23 or said it didn’t matter either way.

So … I’m delighted to see you next Wednesday, November 23 for our Thanksgiving Yoga class.  Classes will be at 4:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

If you will have company visiting, feel free to bring them along. We have lots of loaner mats that they can use and if it’s their first class with me, it’s free.

If you’re registered in the 5-class session, but don’t think you will need this class to reach your 5 classes, come anyway if you like. It’s a bonus for you.

And, most of all, Thank You for being part of the Peaceful Hands’ family. It is a great joy to be able to unroll my mat with you each week.

I hope to see you next Wednesday, November 23.

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