Winter Yoga Update & A Sneak Peek To Spring


Just a reminder that there are two weeks – four classes – left in our Winter Yoga Session!

  • Monday, February 20
  • Wednesday, February 22
  • Monday, February 27
  • Wednesday, March 1

(So – hint, hint – there’s still time to get your make-up classes in if you need them.)

If snow doesn’t get in the way (and I’m writing this on my front porch on a beautiful and warm day in the middle of February, so I’m not even comfortable writing the word snow here) then the new 8-week Spring Yoga Session will begin on MONDAY, MARCH 6.

As always, classes are:

Mondays & Wednesdays

4:30 p.m. – Level One

6:00 p.m. – Level One / Level Two

Who’s welcome to join us?

Beginners, drop-in’s, new friends, old friends, “I’ve never done Yoga before” people, “I’m not flexible, I can’t do Yoga” people, “I’ve been doing Yoga at home for years, but never have taken a class with other people” people, “I’m not sure I’m going to like Yoga” people, “Blue’s my favorite color” people, “I hate the color blue,” people, people who appreciate a good Yoga pun,

(like this one)


people who think Yoga is hard, people who think Yoga is easy, people who want to see what happens when they unroll their mat …


… and, [insert your name here].

No need to wait. Come unroll your mat with us.

More info on classes, what to bring, what to wear, directions to the studio, and all that can be found here.  Or, email me at


1 thought on “Winter Yoga Update & A Sneak Peek To Spring

  1. Jackie,     I forgot to tell you that I won’t be in class on Monday night – I’m in Texas – and I will try to get there on Wednesday, but it depends on traffic.Miss you guys. Abigail

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