Spring Yoga Begins Monday, March 6


Photo Courtesy of: Smihael, CC BY-SA 3.0.

Have we made it through this winter? Maybe. (Maybe not.) All I know is my calendar says Spring Yoga begins on Monday!

So, here’s the spring schedule (please note the two upcoming no-class dates) and some info on my upcoming baseball talk in Culpeper … I hope you’ll join me!

The new eight-week session of Peaceful Hands Yoga begins on Monday, March 6 and is scheduled to run through Wednesday, May 3.

>> There will be no class on Wednesday, March 15 & Monday, April 24. <<

Classes on Mondays & Wednesdays
4:30 p.m. ~ Level 1
6:00 p.m. ~ Level 1 / Level 2 
8 Classes ~ $72 (take any eight classes during the session)
Unlimited ~ $120 (take as many of the Monday/Wednesday classes during the session as you like)
Single Class ~ $13

(Cash/Check only. Please make checks payable to Peaceful Hands, LLC.)

Your first class with me is free!  General Yoga Class info, including directions to the studio, make-up class policy, class styles, what to expect, and things like that can be found here. 

Peaceful Hands Yoga Studio
228 Warren Street
at Sedwick Racquetball Club
Orange, Virginia
*     *      *       *


And, a non-Yoga aside. I’ve been invited to speak at the Museum of Culpeper History on Sunday, March 19 about something that is definitely spring-y … Baseball.

Wearing my Baseball Bloggess cap, I’ll be talking about two great ballplayers in the Baseball Hall of Fame. One was black, the son of slaves who played before baseball was integrated. The other was white, a banker’s son with a college degree. Culpeper and baseball tie them together.

Baseball can often can tell us a larger story of who we are as a country – and how we got here. I hope you’ll join me (I promise, no downward dogs!). The talk is free and, yes, there will be snacks.  More info and RSVP info is here.

*     *     *     *

Join us on the mat … springtime … anytime!  I hope to see you! 🙂  
~ Jackie

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