YogaPaloozaX ~ Island Time For Hipsters!

A sandy beach … ocean waves on your toes … bright sun, blue sky … I’m positive that it’s time to stir it up!  YogaPaloozaX brings a hip little island vibe to Peaceful Hands Yoga this week. Join us!

Monday, July 31 ~ Reggae Yoga 

A little bit of drum, a little bit of sun (saluting), a little bit of beach spirit.  I’ll bring the Ocean Wall, you bring your mat!

Montego Bay

Montego Bay. Photo: Fritz Rudolf Loewa, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons


Wednesday, August 2   ~   Hamsters? No.   Hipsters? Yes!

The hips are the essential hub that connects upper body and lower. Hips keep you solid and standing upright, they give you a place to sit, and they give you movement. They are also essential for proper hula-hooping. That’s a lot of responsibility if you think about it. Maybe that’s why they get so uptight and ornery from time to time. You know how much your hips want this class. Don’t disappoint them.

Join us  …

Monday & Wednesday 

4:30 p.m. Level 1  &  6:00 p.m. Level 1/Level 2

It’s never too late to join us in YogaPaloozaVille.  

Peaceful Hands Yoga | 228 Warren Street | Orange, Virginia 

Positively, Hipfully, Reggaesishly Yours, Jackie

The YogaPaloozaX schedule is here. General class info, including directions to the studio, is here.

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