YogaPaloozaX This Week & A Favor To Ask

Your YogaPaloozaX Schedule … & a class survey that needs your input … 

When YogaPaloozaX started two months — and 16 classes — ago, it seemed like it would last forever. Isn’t summer always like that?

Then whoosh! here we are and summer’s nearly gone.

The last two classes of our summer session are this week. Time to squeeze the last little bit out of our 10th Annual YogaPalooza celebration!

Here’s your schedule … plus, a favor to ask (in the form of an anonymous class survey that can help improve our classes and studio …)

Monday, August 28 ~ Peaceful Warrior

Warriors — and Warrior poses — can get a bad rap, conjuring up images of confrontation and war. That’s a shame, because that’s not the point. True Warriors are the ultimate peace-niks. It is through their internal strength, poise, confidence, and calm that they are able to rise above the tumult of life’s stresses and conflicts. Peaceful Warriors are heart-ful, not heartless.

Wednesday, August 30 ~ X Marks The Spot

X marks the spot on a treasure map. This year, YogaPalooza celebrated X, the 10th year of our special summer sessions. We’ll close our summer in YogaPaloozaVille with an X class to treasure.

Peaceful Hands Yoga 2017 Survey

Feedback is a great part of Yoga. Our body & brain give us feedback on every pose, which can transform our practice. Now I need some feedback from you.  Your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and, yes, criticisms are incredibly helpful in making Peaceful Hands a better place for Yoga.

Whether you come to class regularly, once in awhile, or want to, but just haven’t had a chance, I would love to hear from you. Your answers are private and anonymous. Just 10 quick questions and a few minutes of your time.

The survey will stay open for just a few days, so please take a moment right now to share your thoughts with me. Thank you so much for your insights and help!

Here’s the link:  2017 Peaceful Hands Yoga Survey

Be sure to click “DONE” at the bottom of the survey to record your answers!

Classes this week

4:30 p.m. Level One   |   6:00 p.m. Level One/Level Two

We’ll be off Labor Day week … our 8-week Fall Sesh’ will begin Monday, September 11. I’ll send out a reminder when we get closer!

Thank you for sharing your Yoga with me this summer. YogaPalooza would be a drag without you.

Paloozaly Yours, Jackie 

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