Saturday Yoga & Open House — Just Say Yes!

SATURDAY UPDATE … YES!  The Yoga class and Open House is a YES for today.  We’re going to be there … and you’re invited, too.  But, if the weather is frightful where you are, no worries. But, if you can, we look forward to seeing you!

Yes, I saw the forecast, too.  It’s trying to snow on our Peaceful Hands Open House tomorrow.

Who’s to know?  You know the old Yoga saying – past is gone, future is unknowable, the only reality is the present moment.

And, at this present moment, I am taking a quick break from baking and cooking and getting things ready for our Yoga Class and Open House tomorrow!

So, Yes … there will be a free Yoga class at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow, followed by an Open House for the Wildlife Center of Virginia – complete with lots of food and some special visitors from the Wildlife Center – from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Come for one, come for both! 

(Special thanks to Rod Sedwick who has worked tirelessly these past couple days to ensure we are toasty warm in the studio tomorrow.)

Did I mention door prizes?


Beautiful original artwork.   Photography from a world-renowned artist.  A basket of Yoga treats.  And, a gift certificate for a 90-minute Trager Bodywork session from Carrie Heitsch, CTP.  (You may know Carrie as the instructor for our balancing Saturday during YogaPalooza.)

I did mention food, didn’t I?  (Dr. Beier’s cheesecake is all ready for you.)

All you need to do is knock the snowflakes off of your shoes … bring a gift for the Wildlife Center … and join us!

More info, including the Wildlife Center “wish list” is here: Wildlife Center Wish List

With an eye toward the weather, I will post here, either way, on Saturday morning – thumbs up or thumbs down.

(I’m rooting “thumbs up!”)

And, if the snow does you in where you are, you may bring your Wildlife Center gifts to class or drop them at my massage studio.  (Just check in with me to arrange a time.)

This is my gift to you – my Peaceful Hands family.  And, this is our gift to the Wildlife Center of Virginia. More than 2,700 wild animals in need have come through their doors this year (and the year isn’t over yet!).  I am so grateful for all you do to help the Center throughout the year!

Randy and Lacy and Amanda will join us from the Center … and they will bring you the latest updates on the bear cubs and bobcats and their other patients.  (Please ask Lacy to tell you about the rare Fowler’s Toad who came in this year.)

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Saturday Yoga & Open House — Just Say Yes!

  1. Here’s hoping that it’s possible for all of us to come together safely to celebrate both yoga and the Wildlife Center!

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