Spring Class Update ~ New Session, Coming Right Up!

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Give Yourself Permission To Unwind

A couple quick Peaceful Hands Yoga things for you today …


This week – Monday, April 30 and Wednesday, May 2 – are the final classes of the current Spring session. Be sure to finish up your sesh’ with a flourish as we take one more week to reconnect our body’s favorite – and only — ball-and-socket joints … hips and shoulders.


New session – 8 Weeks of Mo’Spring, Mo’Yoga – will begin on Monday, May 7 and run through Wednesday, June 27.

Same pricing and class discounts. All the general info, including class schedule, fees, studio directions, is here.

I know that schedules and routines get all flooped out of shape in the spring and summer. So much to do outside! Beaches … picnics … baseball!

But, the difference between doing Yoga “once in awhile,” or “whenever I think of it” is nowhere near the benefits of unrolling your mat in class regularly.

We change with the seasons and with the days, and I think our Yoga should, too. That’s why I’m continually trying to hone and grow my own practice – bringing in new poses, flows, and understanding  … while re-discovering old sequences with a newfound sense of purpose and focus. I love sharing that journey with you.


I am so honored that you choose to join me at Yoga each week. There’s such a special and vibrant energy that comes when we all unroll our mats together. Why not invite a neighbor or friend to join us at class? (Their first class with me is free.)

Your recommendation is important and can help inspire others to join us.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Bloomingiciously Yours, Jackie

Peaceful Hands Yoga in Orange, Virginia 

A Little Strong, A Little Stretchy, A Little Fun

A Lotta Happy


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