Yoga Class On Memorial Day & Some “Needy” Things

I have six “needy” Peaceful Hands Yoga things to cover with you today …

1) Need Yoga? Yes! There is class on Monday, May 28 – Memorial Day. Classes, per usual, at 4:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

2) Need Even More Yoga? The current “Mo’Spring” session is underway and is scheduled to run through Wednesday, June 27.  (You can join a session at any time, so no need to wait to unroll your mat.)

We will be off the first week of July (no classes on July 2 or July 4).  Our 11th annual YogaPalooza is scheduled to begin on Monday, July 9.  That special schedule – including Saturday classes and guest instructors – is being prepared and should be out later in June. Stay tuned …

3) Need A ‘Freeze? A new shipment of Professional BioFreeze is in. (The BioFreeze sold in drug stores and online not only costs more, it is a lower-end product and not longer-lasting “professional” strength. Trust me on this.)

$11 for a tube or roll-on (that includes sales tax).  Available at my Yoga or massage studios.

4) Need Kneading? I’ve had some openings on my schedule for massage in my Madison studio. So if gardening and yard work is catching up with you … or you just need to catch up with some beneficial hands-on therapy, I’d be delighted to see you.

I’m in my Madison studio on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  Commit to your good health with a regular standing appointment, or just a one-off session “treat”. For more info, visit here or email me at

5) Need Some “Wild”? The Wildlife Center of Virginia has a new, short-sleeved, “Life is Wild” tee-shirt and I’m happy to take your order and deliver it to my Yoga or massage studio (saving you the shipping costs).

The new shirt is comfy soft, heather-y blue, and just the right weight for work outs and Yoga. Sizing runs a bit small (I got one size larger, which was a little too big, but a long session in the dryer fixed it right up).

$15 cash or check made to: Wildlife Center of Virginia. Email your order to me at and I’ll bring your shirt to class next week or you can pick up at my massage studio.

6) I Need To Tell You Something Else … Hmmm, What Was It?

Oh wait, I remember! Exercise! There are a million reasons why keeping your body active through exercise, including Yoga, is so good for you. Here’s one more: Exercise can improve the brain’s cognitive function, which means you’ll run into fewer of those awkward pauses that come when you can’t remember the word you want to use.  Here’s the skinny from The New York Times: 

Here are some words that are on the tip of my tongue right now: I hope to see you soon!

WarmiliciouslySpringtasticallyFlowersBloomingly Yours, Jackie


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