Meditation Practice on Sunday, February 3

Join me this Sunday, February 3, for a mindfulness meditation practice at Peaceful Hands Yoga.

Tibetan New Year – Losar – begins in early February, so we will focus our meditation practice on refreshing and re-vitalizing for the year ahead.

This year ushers in the energy of the earth pig – a gentler, more grounded energy than this past year’s fiery “fire dog.”  So, perhaps, things will slow down a bit for us, perhaps things will get less chaotic.  And, that’s not a bad energy to focus our practice on.

Our one-hour practice is gently structured in easy-to-follow, not-too-long segments. It includes a little light stretching (standing or seated, your choice), and a guided meditation and silent meditation in an encouraging and nurturing environment.

The physical benefits of meditation have been proven by science – from lowering blood pressure and boosting heart health, to supporting hormonal balance which can help improve sleep, blood sugar levels, and metabolism. And, there are mind benefits, too, through improved mental clarity, memory (even helping ward off age-related “brain fog”), and better concentration.

Even if it’s your very first time.

Mindful Meditation

Sunday, February 3, 2019  |   4:00 p.m.

Peaceful Hands Yoga

228 Warren Street, Orange Virginia

We sit comfortably — on pillows or on chairs. Whatever works for you.

Whether a beginner or someone with a longtime meditation practice, we all face the same difficulties — a busy mind, the challenge of staying present, making time for quiet. But, when we join together, it seems much easier to touch that peace that is within each of us.

Pillows, bolsters, and chairs are provided. Or, bring your own favorite sitting pillow.

Our meditation practices are offered on a “donation” basis. Your gift supports expenses at the studio. Thank you for your kindness.

Join us, won’t you?

If you have questions, would like more information, or would like to let me know you’re coming, you can reach me at

Quietly Yours, Jackie

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