Springtime Yoga Reminders!

Happy Spring!

Over the past few weeks our Yoga classes have prepared us for the springtime – with our “focus on focus” classes and last week’s spotlight on using Yoga and acupressure as a way to help balance the immune system and soothe seasonal allergies and respiratory irritations.

Now, it’s time for some Spring Cleaning … using our Yoga as a way to squeeze out the tired-out winter chill and make way for new life. Let’s refresh together!

Four Weeks left in this current Spring session, so there’s lots of time to get your classes in. (Or, start your classes … because the springtime is the perfect time to unroll your mat for the first, second, or 10,000th time.)

Don’t Forget: Our monthly Saturday morning class is next Saturday, April 6 at 9:30 a.m.

If you’re still interested in an occasional Sunday afternoon Meditation practice, let me know (email me at jackie@peacefulhands.com) and I’ll find an upcoming Sunday for it.

And, here’s a quick acupressure refresher from class …


The Four Gates are four effective points for helping open the flow of energy in the body and empty stagnant energy. They are helpful when allergies create energetic and respiratory congestion and are just good overall energetic refreshers.

Two of the “gate points” are on the hands (one on the right hand, one on the left) …

And, two are on the top of the feet (one on the right foot, one on the left) …

Press each of the four points individually for a minute or two.  Breathe deep as you do. Then sit quietly and, with eyes closed, for another minute or so just to absorb the fruits of your efforts.

If you need a refresher on any of the allergy and sinus points we learned last week, check in with me at class.

(Acupressure and Yoga are not a replacement or substitute for medical advice or medical treatment. This information is provided as a refresher for students who took part in my seasonal allergy-focused classes last week.)

For more information on my Yoga classes, including days, times, and directions to the studio … you’ll find all that and more here.

Spend a little springtime with us … I look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Springaliciously, Flowersbloomingly, Warmariffically Yours, Jackie

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