Tonight’s Class, Save Your Knees, April Workshop, & Something About Penguins

Four things on this snowy Wednesday!

1) It really did snow! 

Where did the spring flowers go?

While the snowing part is probably done, there’s no reason to venture out in the yuck for Yoga.  There will be NO classes tonight at Peaceful Hands – stay in, stay warm, and we’ll extend the session accordingly. 

2) Knee issues?

Some folks have struggled with Table and other poses that put weight on their knees. I am pleased to offer a Yoga pad for knees that is working great for other people in our classes. It’s light, made of the same material as a Yoga mat, gives cushioning (under your knees, under your hips, under your head in savasana … ) and doesn’t get in the way of your practice.

Reviews from four Peaceful Hands students who are using it:

“After my meniscus surgery, my knee was very sensitive. The knee pad is wonderful and I am continuing to use it on my old knees. I highly recommend it for anyone who has pain from kneeling to do work or for enjoying Yoga. I truly believe without my pad, I would have suffered more discomfort and I would not have been able to enjoy my Yoga practice.”

“The knee mat is very comfortable & gives me the support I need. I was worried that it would get in my way of doing poses not involving the knee but it didn’t. Highly recommend it for anyone who has knee issues or just for more comfort.”

“I don’t know how I did without it.  …  It eases the pressure on my knee whenever we are in a kneeling asana. It can also be used under your head during savasana or under your feet when sitting cross-legged. I love it!!!”

“It’s great! I love it!”

If you’d like me to order one for you, just let me know. Your cost is my cost: $20, which includes shipping/tax, etc.

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YES! Yoga Tonight, 4:30 & 6:00 pm

YES, there will be Yoga tonight, Wednesday 1/17, at Peaceful Hands.  4:30 & 6:00 pm.  The main roads are clear and most side roads are in good shape. (If yours aren’t, please don’t stress.)

I hope to see you!

And, here’s an interesting article from 2013 that discusses medical research into how Yoga helps support the immune system:  Yoga practices can have an almost immediate impact on gene expression, particularly in immune cells.

We’ll continue our practices focused on nourishing and nurturing the immune system tonight. I hope to see you!


Winter Yoga Session Update: Starting soon, but not this week …


I realize it’s weird to start a new year — and a new session — by cancelling the first classes. That’s not how it’s supposed to work!

And, I know some of you are wondering … what’s up?  Short answer … it involves a broken bone, not mine. It will heal.  But, it does require a little assistance and support from me.

So, there will be NO class on Wednesday, January 4.

Let’s try to start the new session NEXT Monday, January 9.

(Although, there’s snow in the forecast, I’m just going to pretend I didn’t see the weather news.)

In the meantime, I’m going to unroll my mat at home and here’s where you can help … Leave a comment at the end of this post and tell me YOUR favorite asana/pose … and I will do it as part of my practice this week and you can, too.

If we all leave a pose in the comments, we can all practice together!

Just unroll your mat, warm up a little (a few cat tilts, etc.), and mix and match a few poses. Hopefully, we’ll all play along and there will be a nice menu of Yoga poses to choose from!

(I’ll add a link at the end of your comment that includes a photo or description of the pose you choose, so you can just name the pose and I’ll take it from there.)

Thank you for your understanding and patience.  Thank you for your warm thoughts, too.  I’ll see you soon!


YES! Yoga Tonight At Peaceful Hands


Just a quick reminder … YES! There WILL be Yoga tonight, Wednesday, November 23, at Peaceful Hands Yoga.

Regular times … 4:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

If you’re registered in this current 5-class Holiday session, this class is a bonus and doesn’t count toward your 5 classes. So, even if you don’t need this as a make-up class, come if you can. Consider it a little Thanksgiving gift!

And, if family is already visiting for the holidays … bring them along. We have lots of loaner mats and, if it’s their first class with me, it’s free!

This is our special Thanksgiving Class and it’s a lovely way to begin your holiday. I hope you’ll join me.


228 Warren Street (in the Sedwick Racquetball Club)

Orange, Virginia

… Let’s Yoga Together … 

Choose Your Make-Up Class

Thank you for your understanding as I cancelled Wednesday’s Yoga classes on such short notice.

We do need to make-up the missed class, and I’m asking for your help.  If you were planning to come to class on Wednesday, please vote on a date for the make-up class.  Either option works for me, so the choice is yours.  Please vote by Friday at noon.

Your choices are Wednesday, which is the day before Thanksgiving, or December 21, the Wednesday before Christmas.  I am happy to adjust my calendar for the date the majority prefers. Please use the poll below to register your vote. (Do not use the comments, just the poll below, please.)

This poll is now closed.  Thank you for voting!



Thank you again for your understanding about Wednesday’s classes.

(And, thank you for the kind and loving words you have left on Facebook for me. Stevie was a good cat, my BFF, and an excellent companion on my Yoga mat. I appreciate your understanding that allowed me to be with her to say ‘goodbye.’)


Halloween Yoga ~ A Trick, A Treat, & You!


Come Unfold Your Bones On Your Mat!

Yes, there IS class on Monday, Halloween!

4:30 p.m. Level 1 … 6:00 p.m. Level 1/Level 2.

Please remember, lots of costumed kiddies will be downtown for Orange’s Trick-Or-Treat between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m., so Main Street will be closed. No worries, if you’re coming from the north, you’ll still be able to cross over Main to get to class. Be sure to give yourself a couple extra minutes.

Or, you can slip in the “back way” … turn left at the McDonald’s onto May Fray (which becomes Byrd Street), then turn right at Warren Street. That brings you around to the studio.

Hope to see you in class … tricks and treats await!

(And, yes, this session extends through Wednesday, November 2. Our special Holiday Session will be a five-week session.  All the details on that … will be posted in the next couple days.  Soon.  Promise.)


The Yoga of Music & Chant …

I hope last night’s Yoga class that entwined vibration and sound energized your practice. (After a full day of chanting, I’m just getting my voice back this morning!)

If you’d like to continue to incorporate the beneficial energy of sound, vibration, and chant with your practice, I have a couple copies of Awakening Spirit ~ The Yoga Of Music & Chant available.  It’s a two-CD set and it includes the chant we learned in class: Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu (May all beings be happy & free).

awakening spirit

Alongside the familiar Yoga practice of movement and meditation is the ancient Yoga of Music and Chant whose goal is to open your heart, awaken your mind, and arouse your spirit. Russill Paul is a modern master of this practice.

CD 1 Nada: Awakening Spirit: Russill’s remarkable Nada Yoga chanting is accompanied by his own ten-stringed hybrid instrument called a Unitar, Bansuri flute, Indian percussion, Sarangi, and Tanpura. Nada can be used for meditation, or to fill a room with uplifting energy. Chanting along is almost irresistible.

CD 2 Shabda: Mantra Mysticism: An ensemble of traditional and contemporary instruments supports Russill’s inspiring chanting. Listen quietly to go on an inward journey through meditative states, or chant along and be bathed in these healing sonic energies. Russill has shared the stage with many musical luminaries, and has performed for His Holiness the Dalai Lama. “His fusion of the sounds of India with the energy and technology of contemporary Western music produces a sound unequaled since George Harrison collaborated with Ravi Shankar in the late 1960s.”– Arlo Guthrie

This special two-CD set is $12.  UPDATE: The “Awakening Spirit” 2-CD set is now sold out.  If you’d like me to order another copy for you, just let me know (it usually takes about a week to get it).  Plus, there are other chanting and toning CDs available at the Peaceful Hands shop … including the following CD with chants done by one of the world’s most beautiful voices:

I also have a few copies of Deva Premal’s beautiful Healing Mantras available.

deva premal

Peace. Abundance. Compassion. Physical healing. These are just some of the universal aspirations we can usher into our lives through dedicated mantra practice. At once a serene listening experience and a powerful tool for transformation, Deva Premal’s Healing Mantras presents 17 Indian and Tibetan chants, each repeated 108 times in keeping with tradition. Selected by Deva herself for use as part of a daily practice or to permeate any space with healing energy, Deva is joined by the chanting of Buddhist Monks.

This CD is $11.

There are some other beautiful chant and vibrational music CDs that are also in our little “shop” at the studio. I keep just a few CDs in stock and if you’d like me to put something aside for you, please let me know. Email me at