Yoga At Home: Listen Close! An Earth’y Practice

Earth Day spins around every April 22. But, seriously, shouldn’t every day be a day to acknowledge all the goodness of our Planet Earth?

Welcome to your next Peaceful Hands: Yoga At Home class.

It’s a yummy, earthy, grounding practice. I call it “Listen Close” … because it asks you to use your practice as a time to settle into peacefulness and listen to the world around you. If you have a nice outdoor spot, maybe you can do your practice outside!

This is a full-length class that runs about 73 minutes and is broken up into three audios.

You might want to have a block handy, just in case, but it’s not necessary.  Streaming music is ok, but if you’re practicing outside, maybe the sounds of the birds and the leaves on the trees will be the perfect soundtrack for your practice.


Illustrated Cheat Sheet is here.

(Not every illustration is quite right. Refer to the audio for proper alignment, movement, etc. And, be sure to set the List/Grid drop-down option – upper left – to Grid.)


Intro, Pratyahara, & Some Wake-Up/Warm-Up Movement (13 minutes) … 


Asanas (44 minutes) …



–> Pause (or rewind) the audio and do a second round of Down Dog and the Wide Dog variation.

–> Pause the audio and do an additional round of Bridge pose, holding the pose for several breaths. Add in Shoulderstand — or do Reclined Shoulderstand, resting your hips on a block with and your legs stretched up. A reclined twist might be nice, too. Then restart the audio.

–> Linger for several more yummy breaths in Paschimottanasana, seated fold, as this part of the audio wraps up.

Pranyama (breath work), Soothing Vibration, and Savasana  (16 minutes) …


In the variation of Bear Grip Mudra, extend your thumbs — right thumb points upward, left thumb points downward.


Suggestions, encouragement, ideas? Need help with a pose? Something not making sense? Talk to me …

Earth’fully Yours, Jackie