Yoga At Home Audio Classes

The Peaceful Hands Yoga At Home “Ether Studio” offers 24-7 access to online audio Yoga classes that will help keep you motivated and your Yoga fresh. Nearly 40 classes — in all shapes and sizes — are already waiting for you … and new classes are added every week!

Peaceful Hands Yoga At Home comes from the heart.

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“I love the variety of classes, especially the shorter ones! I can really tell how much love you put into these for us.” ~ C.A., Super User

“The Ether Studio is wonderful. I feel like I’m back in the studio. And, thank you for Yoga in the Park. It’s been spectacular!” ~ J.M., Super User

I don’t have to tell you how powerfully important Yoga can be – to help keep our body healthy, our immune system strong, and our mind and heart peaceful. We all need that … more than ever.

Here’s how the Peaceful Hands “Ether Studio” works … 

Join as a Regular Subscriber or as a Super User.  

For less than the cost of a single drop-in class at most studios, you can have 24-7 access to the full – and growing – Peaceful Hands At Home audio archive.

The easy-streaming audio classes include full studio-length practices (about 75 minutes) and a growing library of shorter “Quickies” (including 12-minute, 30-minute, and 60-minutes classes).

Many classes include illustrated cheat sheets and I just started rolling out shorter video demos — to help with more complicated poses and sequences.

Longer classes are broken into segments, so you can knit together your favorite parts from different practices and create your own special Yoga class.

Become a Subscriber: $18 a month gives you full access to everything in the online audio class archive, plus a weekly email announcing new classes and helpful Yoga insights.

Or …

Become a Super User: $30 a month, gives you full access to the archive … PLUS … lots of additional premium content each week, guided meditations, bonus classes, virtual “meet-up” opportunities, access to one-on-one online instruction, and the chance to request poses or class focuses. PLUS, the new Cultivating Inner Strength series, using Meditation, Mudra, and Mantra!


Here’s a tiny sample of the nearly 40 classes — from 12-minute mini-sessions to full-length studio classes — that are already waiting for you: 

“Back’A’Licious.” A yummy studio-length class that will ease your achy back.

“When You Don’t Know What To Do, Do This.” A quick 3-part Kundalini-inspired class.

“The Odd Warriors” and “The Even Warriors.” 

“The Quickies.” A growing collection of super-short stand-alone practices for those super-busy days.

“A Sunny Practice.” A 30-minute wake-up practice

“Good Digestion!”  

“Heart … Shoulders … Hands, Part 1 and Part 2.” To ease tension in your upper back and shoulders.

“Sleepytime Yoga.” Which is exactly what you think it is. 

“Ready Steady, Strong” Parts 1 and 2

The 3-Part Hips Series. This series works to awaken the hip area, free tension with directed “push-pull” movement, and, finally, melt everything out with long, yummy stretches.

… that’s just a taste of what’s already online and more classes are being added every week … 

These easy-to-stream classes are crafted like a blended Level 1/Level 2 Peaceful Hands class — with modifications for Level 1 needs and some challenge tucked in for Level 2 students.

Don’t let your mat gather dust. Our “ether studio” is waiting for you. You’ll be giving yourself the gift of Yoga and helping keep our Peaceful Hands Studio afloat. 

Once you’re signed up, you’ll get a password that will get you in to our “ether studio” of classes and content.

Ready to sign up? Join here.

Need more info? I’m all ears:

Thank you for your kindness, your encouragement, and your support.

Stay safe and healthy and I look forward to sharing Yoga with you. 

Ether’fully Yours, Jackie 

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