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The Peaceful Hands Ether Studio Library of Classes

#1 — 3/17/2020. A short, simple written/illustrated practice. No audio. (Note: The drop-down box at the upper-left of the instruction guide allows either “Grid” or “List” viewing. Click “List.”)  Here.

#2 — 3/22/2020. “Immune Support.” Written/illustrated with some audio instruction. Here.

#3 — 3/27/2020. “Prayer Twisting.” Studio-length class, written/illustrated with full audio instruction. Here.

#4 — 4/1/2020. “Back’A’Licious.” Studio-length class, written/illustrated with full audio instruction. Here.

#5 — 4/3/2020. “When You Don’t Know What To Do, Do This.” Quick 3-part Kundalini-inspired class with full audio instruction. Here.

#6 — 4/8/2020. “The Odd Warriors.” Studio-length class, written/illustrated with full audio instruction. Here.

#7 — 4/14/2020. “The Even Warriors.” Studio-length class, written/illustrated with full audio instruction. Here.

#8 — 4/21/2020. “Listen Close! An Earth’y Practice.” Studio-length class, written/illustrated with full audio instruction. Here.

#9, #10, #11, #12, & #13 — 4/27/2020. “The Quickies.” Five short stand-alone practices for busy days: Cat Quickie, Hamstring Quickie, Standing Quickie, Sitting Quickie, and Gratitude Meditation. 12 minutes each. Full audio instruction. Here.

#14 — 5/6/2020. “One For Your Two Feet.” Studio-length class with full audio instruction. Here.

#15 — 5/13/2020. “A Sunny Practice.” A 30-minute practice with full audio instruction. Here.

#16 — 5/20/2020. “The Energetic You.” Studio-length practice with full audio instruction. Here.

#17 — 5/28/2020. “Good Digestion!” A 41-minute practice that spotlights good digestion on all levels. Updated: 11/22/2021. Here.

#18 — 6/8/2020. “A Letting Go Practice.” Studio-length practice with full audio instruction. Here.

#19 — 6/16/2020. “Heart … Shoulders … Hands.” A 55-minute practice with full audio instruction. Here.

#20 — 6/24/2020. “Heart … Shoulders … Hands, Part 2.” Studio-length practice with full audio instruction. Here.

#21 — 7/1/2020. “Sleepytime Yoga.” Studio-length practice with full audio instruction. Here

#22 — 7/8/2020. Morning Glory! A perky 44-minute practice with full audio instruction. Here. 

#23 — 7/15/2020. One For Your Bones. A 56-minute practice with full audio and a written/illustrated “cheat sheet.” Here.

#24 — 7/22/2020. Come Back To Your Mat. A 60-minute practice, broken into Level 1 and Level 2 segments, with full audio instruction. Here.

#25 — 8/3/2020. Rainy Day Quickie. A perky 17-minute practice with full audio instruction. Here.

#26 — 8/9/2020. Low Back Quickie. Three poses in just 15 minutes to give your low back some Yoga love. Here.

#27 — 8/11/2020. Bladder Meridian & Back ~ The Long & Winding Road. A studio-length practice with full audio instruction. Here.

#28 — 8/20/2020. Sav-ahhhhh-sana. A 20-minute full relaxation for those days when that’s just what you need. Here.

#29 — 8/28/2020. Flowing This’n’That Practice. A full studio-length class (broken into three stand-alone audios) with a focus on the breath and flow. Here.

#30 & #31 — 9/4/2020. Head To Toes. Two “mini” sessions (approx 20-minutes each) focusing on attention, touch, and massage. Here.

#32 —  9/10/2020. Ready, Steady Strong. A studio-length session in three parts, including mudras. Here

#33, #34, #35, #36, #37 & #38 — 9/17/2020. Ready, Steady Strong, Part 2: The Quickies. Five strong individual quickie sequences (approx 6 to 7 minutes each). Plus, a 16-minute meditation to cultivate Inner Strength. Here. 

#39 — 9/24/2020. 360 In 60. A 67-minute practice, in three parts, that will take you around your mat. Here

#40 — 10/1/2020. Hips, Part 1: Hips In 30. A 30-minute practice — plus a 9-minute bonus — to awaken the hips and reconnect them to their next-door neighbors: the legs. Here.

#41 — 10/8/2020. Hips, Part 2: Opening The Pickle Jar. A 55-minute practice in three audios. Includes positional release techniques for the hips and the ocean savasana. Here.

#42 — 10/14/2020. Hips, Part 3: Pigeon, Four Ways. Studio-length practice, in three audios, that will move you through four very different versions of pigeon pose. Here.

#43 — 10/23/2020. Simple Grounding Warrior. A 38-minute practice on one audio that builds around a classic Warrior 2 pose. Here

#44 — 11/2/2020. Yoga For Troubled & Anxious Times. A slow, gentle, and calming 57-minute practice in 2 audios. Here.

#45 — 11/16/2020. OM So Hum … “I Am That”. A slow, flowing 44-minute practice. Here.

#46 — 12/4/2020. Warm & Wake’y. A Level 2-ish practice, with plenty of wiggle room for a Level 1 practitioner. 48 minutes in three stand-alone practices. Includes some Kundalini-inspired movement and a plank quickie. Here

#47– 12/17/2020. Turning Inward. A 70-minute practice, in three audios, that gives space for turning inward. Includes two Kundalini kriyas for the back, spine, and shoulders. Here

#48 — 12/29/2020. A Bit O’ Balance. A 48-minute practice, in two stand-alone audios, that focuses on three classic balance poses — Eagle, Sitting Pigeon, and Balancing Cat. Plus, the relaxing Jade Pillow. Here

#49 — 1/10/2021. Pause For The Breath. A 32-minute gentle, simple practice focused on expanding the breath by opening the lungs and rib cage. Includes a separate 7-minute stand-alone pranayama audio. Here.

#50 — 1/18/2021. Flowing Immunity & Lymph System Yoga. A 60-minute flowing practice, in three stand-alone audios, focused on supporting the immune system and enhancing nourishing respiration. Here.

#51 — 1/25/2021. More Slow Flowin’, Immune Boostin’ Yoga. A 50-minute practice, in three stand-alone “quickie” audios — a sitting warm-up, a standing asana (with a little balance), and relaxing movement that focuses on a key acupressure point on the back. Here.

#52 — 2/1/2021. Peaceful Hips In 30. Here’s 30 minutes of sweet not-too-much, but just-enough, peaceful Yoga love. The focus is on releasing hip tightness. The full practice is done seated and lying. Here.

#53 — 2/8/2021. Pratyahara & The Turtle. A 36-minute practice that leads to a modified Kurmasana (turtle/tortoise pose) and an turtle-appropriate Savasana. Here.

#54 — 2/15/2021. A Pointless, Present Practice. A 60-minute practice — in 3 stand-alone audios — that uses classic Yoga poses as an invitation to be present in your practice. Here.

#55 — 3/3/2021. It Gets To What It Gets To. A 35-minute practice that includes a warm up, dog flow, power archer, chair, and dolphin, and a nourishing Savasana. Here.

#56 — 3/15/2021. Connect The Dots. A 64-minute practice, in three audios, that uses focus to “connect the dots” to specific points in the body throughout the practice to keep the mind present and engaged. Here.

#57 — 3/30/2021. Unstick Your Ribs. A 52-minute practice, in three audios, to find freedom and increased mobility in the upper back, ribs, and shoulders. Includes a sweet Savasana for improved mobility and breathing using a towel.  Here.

#58 — 4/5/2021. Go-Go-Go. A 17-minute practice that includes 10 poses knitted together to bring in a little extra oomph and fresh prana energy and dust away brain fog. Here.

#59 — 4/19/2021. WTF (Week To Flow). A 5-Day Yoga Challenge that starts short and adds a little more on each day, until you’ve built a full, yummy studio-length 71-minute practice. Here.

#60 — 5/10/2021. The Mountain In You. A 47-minute uncomplicated practice, in one audio, that builds on Tadasana/Mountain pose to cultivate quiet, steadiness, and stamina. Here.

#61 — 5/24/2021. Just Chillaxin’. A 29-minute practice, done seated and lying, to quiet your mind, cool your thoughts, and relax your bones as simply and easily as possible. Here.

#62 — 6/1/2021. Up Down Energy Flow. A flowing 46-minute practice, in three stand-alone audios, to bring balance to the upward and downward flow of energy that nourishes and supports you. Here.

#63 — 6/14/2021. (Fly Like An) Eagle. A 49-minute practice, in one audio, that focuses on balance and leads to Eagle Pose. This practice embraces the strength and soaring grace of eagle energy from its beginning right through its “soaring” Savasana. Here

#64 — 6/23/2021. “Retro” Centering Quickie. An 18-minute “quickie” based on some “long lost” Yoga from a 1959 Yoga practice that brings you back to your center. Done mostly standing, it brings you back to center through the magic of the breath. Here.

#65 — 7/13/2021. Decongest. A 45-minute practice — in two stand-alone audios — that helps soothe sinus and chest congestion due to seasonal allergies, but also soothes other congestion in the body, mind, and heart. Includes a soothing “decongesting” acupressure sequence. Here

#66, #67, #68, #69, & #70 — 7/20/2021. Quickie Love For Your Neck. Five sweet stand-alone practices (5 min to 17 min each) for your neck, shoulders, and head: At Your Desk, Standing Stretch with the Magic Paper Towel, Sitting, Lying & Savasana, and Bonus! Face Release Quickie. Here

#71 — 7/27/2021. Mat Free 1: Mat-Free Magic. A 28-minute standing practice that’s done with — or without — a Yoga mat. Perfect for times when your Yoga mat isn’t nearby. Here.

#72 — 8/3/2021. Mat Free 2: Qi Gong For Harmony Inside & Out. A simple 17-minute mindful Qi Gong practice — done standing, no mat needed. Use it as a wake-up morning session, a mid-day pick-me-up, or an evening relaxer. Here

#73 — 8/17/2021. Mat Free 3: The Earth Beneath Your Feet. A 34-minute standing practice, done without a Yoga mat. Twists and stretches and a little balance, too. Here.  

#74 — 8/31/2021. Stress Soother (For Head & Shoulders & More). A 50-minute practice, in three stand-alone practices, to soothe headaches, shoulder tightness, and other stress hiding places. Includes a seated neck release sequence.  Here.

#75 — 9/14/2021. “No Time For Yoga” Yoga. A 14-minute practice, perfect for a busy day when you don’t have time for a full practice, but need a little “pick me up.” Here.

#76 — 9/28/2021. Find Your Ground. A 64-minute practice, in 3 stand-alone audios, to help reset, ground, and be present when things are coming at you from all directions. Here.

#77 — 10/5/2021. Take 10. When time is tight and you need to release a stress’y day, but you only have a few minutes to relax and unplug. Here

#78 — 10/19/2021. Strong. Grounded. Relaxed. A simple 27-minute practice, that includes a few seated poses and longer guided affirmation blessing to focus on your strength and groundedness as you relax. Here.

#79 — 10/26/2021. Point-To-Point Relaxation. A relaxing 34-minute practice. Three preparatory poses lead you to a deliciously long point-to-point relaxation. Here.

#80 — 11/2/2021. Evening Quickie. Ease into the evening, set the day’s worries aside, and prepare for a nourishing night of sleep in a “quickie” 18-minute practice. Here.

#81 — 11/9/2021. Conscious Mindful Movement. A classic 40-minute practice that includes some flowing “Conscious Movement” and a relaxing “golden light” Savasana. Here

#82 — 11/16/2021. Just Balance. One standing balance, one lunging balance, one seated balance, and one balancing breath. Just balance. Just 16 minutes. Here.

#83 — 12/7/2021. Love Your Cat. Love Your Dog. A full one-hour practice that is  anchored by Cat Tilts and Down Dogs. 60 minutes in three stand-alone audios. Here.

#84 — 12/14/2021. Cats & Dogs Quickie.  A quickie 8-minute flow that moves through some cat poses and dog poses. Here

#85 & #86 — 12/28/2021. Humee Humm Brahmm Humm. Two complete 13-minute stand-alone practices (one done mostly seated and one done mostly standing), cued to a beautiful mantra. Here.

#87 — 1/17/2022. Shoulder Love. A 33-minute session laser focused on Yoga asanas that soothe, stretch, and release stressed-out shoulders — whether tight from stress, overuse, underuse, or misuse.  Here

#88 — 2/1/2022. Wall 2 Wall. A 41-minute practice in two audios (part 1: standing/twisting and part 2: lying/relaxing) that allows the wall to be your partner in your practice. Here.

#89 — 2/15/2022. Wake Up Quickie. Just 15 minutes is all you need to greet the morning or sweep out mid-day cobwebs with this quick and flowing practice. Here.

#90 — 3/8/2022. Steady On The Inside. A complete practice, in just 36 minutes, takes you from warm-up to classic poses to a luscious no-hurry relaxation as a means to cultivate steadiness in unsteady times. Here.

#91 — 3/22/2022. Waves of Energy. Embrace the movement of energy inside you with this flowing 42-minute practice in two audios, including a short stand-alone “energy flow” warmup. Here

#92, #93, & #94. — 4/12/2022. Three Quickies For Gardening (Inside & Out). Three complete, stand-alone “before, during, and after” quickies for busy days out in the garden or for any other busy day. Here

#95 — 4/26/2022. Perk Up Practice. Flowing Yoga asana and a little bit of breathwork, in 25 minutes, to shake out the cobwebs and add a little boost to your day. Here.

#96 — 5/10/2022. Long, Strong, Happy Back. A gift for your spine — 58 minutes in three audios — will give you a new twist-free way of embracing your spine in all three dimensions and your spine will love you for it. Here.

#97 — 5/24/2022. Yoga With Weights. Light hand weights enhance Yoga’s strengthening benefits in this 43-minute practice, in three audios. (Hand weights are optional.) Here

#98 — 6/7/2022. Sunshine Heart. Refresh the sunshine at your heart with this mostly standing 23-minute “maxi-quickie.” Here.

#99 — 6/21/2022. Classic 1928 Sun Salutation. Experience the classic Sun Salutation as it was first instructed in this 17-minute practice. (Includes an 8-minute optional warm up.) Here.

#100 — 7/12/2022. Happy! A 49-minute practice laser-focused on cultivating happy. Includes Breath of Joy, Camel, and Pigeon. Here.

#101 — 7/26/2022. Twisty Goodness. Twists to loosen the body and unwind the mind. 21 minutes, no standing. Here.

#102, #103, & #104 — 8/9/2022. Back Love Times 3. Three complete practices (approx. 18 minutes each, or, all together, 53 minutes) to give a stiff or achy back some love. Do 1, 2, or all 3. Here.

#105 — 8/23/2022. Better BalanceA focus on balance in three audios. Each is a stand-alone audio, but better together and just 35 minutes in all. Here

#106 — 9/13/2022. Dancing Warrior. Embrace the empowering spirit of this flowing Warrior sequence — a complete practice in 27 minutes. Here.

#107, #108, #109 — 9/20/2022. Meditation: Yoga For The Mind & Heart. Embrace stillness with three complete seated meditations (11 to 14 minutes each). Here.

#110 — 10/11/2022. Flow ‘n’ Go. Flowing movement to gently loosen the joints. Concludes with flowing alternate nostril breathing. Here.

#111 — 10/25/2022. Warm Up / Cool Down Quickie. A 10-minute practice that is perfect for a quick morning warm up, a midday wake up, or a calming evening cool down. All that, in just 10 minutes. Here. 

#112 — 11/7/2022. Perky Flowy. A perky, flowing, warming practice for a morning wakeup, a midday perk up, or to burn off stress at the end of the day. Short practice: 13 minutes. Full practice: 32 minutes. Here

#113 — 11/22/2022. To The Core. Improve posture and feel empowered with three short, warming stand-alone practices: 14, 13, and 23 minutes each. They are even better when knitted together into one not-too-strenuous, flowing 50-minute practice. Here.

#114 — 12/6/2022. Lovable Lunges. A flexible lunge-focused practice, with three separate lunge sequences — low lunge flow, high lunge flow, and prayer twist lunge. Do one sequence (48 minutes) or, even better, all three (66 minutes). Here.  

#115 — 12/19/2022. Insta’Quickies. Six complete super-quick sequences. Each one just five minutes. Here.

#116 — 1/10/2023. Goddess Flow. A 26-minute flow that’s great for the hips and takes you through Goddess and Giraffe flowing sequences. Here

#117 — 1/23/2023. A Good Night’s Sleep. A gentle 18-minute session to ease into a nourishing night of sleep. Can be done bedside; no mat required. Here

#118 — 2/8/2023. Side 2 Side. A 52-minute practice that includes a variety of side-bending postures and ends with a sweet guided relaxation. Here

#119 — 2/21/2023. Steering Wheel Heart. A 45-minute practice, in three audios, that includes heart opening, some stretch’y TLC for the hands and fingers, and a sweet relaxation for the mind. Here

#120 — 2/28/2023. A 2nd Wind In 10. A quick, simple 10-minute flow’y practice to help shake out the “cobwebs,” or whenever you need little burst of energy. Here.  

#121 — 3/14/2023. No Mat? No Problem! A 14-minute, mat-free practice that flows easily (and quickly) from Mountain pose and is a nice energy pick-me-up. Here

… more to come … 

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