Where To Start?

Want to know where to start? Well, you could just follow your heart – scroll through the full library of classes and pick one that seems interesting to you.

Need a little more guidance?

Just Starting Out?

Don’t start at the beginning. My audio instruction is much better than it was when we first started out back in March … so don’t feel you have to start at #1. In fact, I encourage you not to! You’ll be better served to do the most recent class — as my classes take into consideration the time of year, the weather, and the general energy of the world.

Or, try Come Back To Your Mat … A 60-minute practice, broken into Level 1 and Level 2 segments, crafted just for starting — or restarting — your practice. Here.

Ask An Ether Studio Member

Your fellow Ether Studio members recommend some of their favorite “go-to” classes:

Sav-ahhhhhh-sana is here.

The Quickies are here.

An “I Love You” For Your Bones is here.

(I’ll keep adding member recommendations, so be sure to check back for more favorites! And, if you have a special class you’d like to include, email me at jackie@peacefulhands.com.) 

Try One Of The Most Popular Classes

Lots of Ether Studio members come back, time and again, to their favorites. These are some of the most popular classes in the library:

Back’a’Licious – Studio-length class. Here.

The Quickies – Five stand-alone practices. 12 minutes each. Here.

Ready, Steady Strong – Studio-length class. Here.

A Letting Go Practice – Studio-length practice. Here.

Heart … Shoulders … Hands Parts 1 & 2 – Part 1: 55-minute practice. Here.  Part 2: Studio-length practice. Here.

360 In 60 — 67-minute practice. Here.


Need Something Quick And Perky To Start Your Day?

Morning Glory! – A 34-minute practice. Here. 

A Sunny Practice – A 30-minute practice. Here.

Rainy Day Quickie – A 17-minute practice. Here.


Back And Hips Need Love?

Back’a’Licious – Studio-length class. Here.

Bladder Meridian & Back: The Long & Winding Road – A studio-length practice with full audio instruction. Here.

Low Back Quickie – 15 minutes. Here.

One For Your Two Feet – Studio-length class. Here.

Hips In 30 — 30 minutes. Here.


Shoulders And Neck Need Love?

Heart … Shoulders … Hands Parts 1 – 55-minute practice. Here.

Heart … Shoulders … Hands, Part 2 – Studio-length practice. Here.

Head To Toes – Two “mini” sessions (approx 20-minutes each). Here.


Wind Down Your Day With A Peaceful, Gentle Practice.

Sleepytime Yoga – Studio-length practice. Here.

Sav-ahhhhh-sana – A 20-minute full relaxation. Here.

Head To Toes – Two “mini” sessions (approx 20-minutes each). Here.


The longer classes are broken into sections, so, once you’re familiar with a few classes, you can mix-and-match your favorite parts and create a unique class that’s perfect for you!

Need more guidance? Tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll recommend a practice for you. And, if I don’t have it in the Library, I just might do a new class based on your request! Email me: jackie@peacefulhands.com

These are private Yoga practices intended for a select audience who received this link directly from Peaceful Hands Yoga. These are not public or “free” practices.

Always consult your doctor before beginning this or any new exercise practice. Not all exercise is suitable for everyone and any exercise practice could result in injury. The content of this website is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.