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This Ether Lounge can help you find the perfect class for what you need and the time you have.  Or, scroll through the full library of 100+ classes and pick one that seems interesting to you.

But, I suggest you try the “Class Of The Week” or a recommendation from a fellow Ether Studio Member.  You’ll find them ⬇️

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Unrolling your mat for the first time in a while? Try Come Back To Your Mat … A 60-minute practice, broken into Level 1 and Level 2 segments, crafted just for starting — or restarting — your practice. Here.

If you’re new to my classes or need a quick refresher, check out this “cheat sheet” of common Peaceful Hands poses and their names.

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No Mat? No Problem!

The “Class of the Week” takes into consideration the time of year, the weather, and the general energy of the world. 

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Ether Studio members recommend some of their favorite classes:

Humee Humm Brahmm Humm is here  …  Dancing Warrior is here  …  Stress Soother is here  …  Lovable Lunges is here  …  “Retro” Centering Quickie is here  …  Warm & Wakey is here

(Be sure to check back for more favorites! And, if you have a special class you’d like to recommend, email me at 

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Our five newest classes (listed newest to oldest):

No Mat? No Problem! A short 14-minute practice that flows easily (and speedily) from Mountain pose. No mat and very little room required. Here.

A 2nd Wind In 10. A quick, simple 10-minute flow’y practice to help shake out the “cobwebs,” or whenever you need little burst of energy. Here.  

Steering Wheel Hart. A 45-minute practice, in three audios, that includes heart opening, some stretch’y TLC for the hands and fingers, and a sweet relaxation for the mind. Here

Side 2 Side. A 52-minute practice that includes a variety of side-bending postures and ends with a sweet guided relaxation. Here

A Good Night’s Sleep. A gentle 18-minute session to ease into a nourishing night of sleep. Can be done bedside; no mat required. Here


Perk Up Practice — 25 minutes of flowing asana and breathwork to shake out the cobwebs. Here.

Wake Up Quickie — 15 minutes for the morning or a mid-day wake up. Here

Morning Glory! – A 44-minute practice in 3 audios. Here. 

A Sunny Practice – A 30-minute practice. Here.

Warm & Wake’y — A 48-minute practice in 3 stand-alone audios. Here.

Rainy Day Quickie – A 17-minute practice. Here.

Go-Go-Go — A 17-minute practice that knits 10 poses together. Here.


Back’a’Licious – 66 minutes in 4 audios. Here.

Bladder Meridian & Back: The Long & Winding Road – 77 minutes in 4 stand-alone audios. Here.

Back Love Times 3 — 53 minutes in 3 complete stand-alone practices (approx. 18 min each). Here.

Long, Strong, & Happy Back — 58 minutes in 3 audios. (No twists!). Here.

Low Back Quickie – 15 minutes. Here.

One For Your Two Feet – 66 minutes in 3 audios. Here.

Hips, Part 1: In 30 — 30 minutes. Here.

Hips, Part 2: Opening The Pickle Jar — 55 minutes in 3 audios. Here.

Hips, Part 3: Pigeon, Four Ways — 77 minutes in 3 stand-alone audios. Here.

Peaceful Hips In 30 — 30 minutes. The entire practice is done seated and lying. Here.

Goddess Flow — A 26-minute flow that includes Goddess and Giraffe sequences. Here


Heart … Shoulders … Hands Parts 1 – 55-minute practice. Here.

Heart … Shoulders … Hands, Part 2 – Studio-length practice. Here.

Head To Toes – Two “mini” sessions (approx 20-minutes each). Here.

Unstick Your Ribs — A 52-minute practice in 3 audios. Here.

Quickie Love For Your Neck — Five practices (5 to 17 min each), including a practice done at your desk. Here

Shoulder Love — A 33-minute session laser-focused to soothe, stretch, and release stressed-out or achy shoulders.  Here


“The Quickies.” – Five short stand-alone practices: Cat Quickie, Hamstring Quickie, Standing Quickie, Sitting Quickie, and Gratitude Meditation. 12 minutes each. Here.

Quickie Love For Your Neck – Six practices (5 min to 17 min each) for your neck, shoulders, head, and face. Here

Ready, Steady Strong Quickies  Five super-quickies (approx 6 to 7 minutes each). Here. 

Low Back Quickie Three poses, 15 minutes. Here.

Go-Go-Go 10 poses, 17 minutes, to give a little extra oomph and dust away brain fog. Here.

Take 10 Short and sweet. Here.

Cats & Dogs Quickie An easy flow in 8 quick minutes. Here.

Warm Up / Cool Down Quickie  A versatile 10-minute practice, perfect for a morning warm up, a midday wake up, or a calming evening cool down. Here. 

Insta’Quickies Just 5 minutes and a Yoga mat. That’s all you need. Here


Sleepytime Yoga – 74 minutes in 6 stand-alone audios. Here.

A Good Night’s Sleep. A gentle 18-minute session to ease into a nourishing night of sleep. Can be done bedside; no mat required. Here

Sav-ahhhhh-sana – A 20-minute full relaxation. Here.

Head To Toes – Two “mini” sessions (approx 20-minutes each). Here.

Yoga For Troubled & Anxious Times — 57 minutes in 2 audios. Here.

OM So Hum … “I Am That” — 44 minutes. Here.

Pause For The Breath — 32 minutes. Here.

Just Chillaxin’ — 29 minutes. Here.

Point-to-Point Relaxation — 34 minutes. Here.

Evening Quickie — 18 minutes. Here

Meditation: Yoga For The Mind & Heart — Three seated meditations (11 to 14 minutes each). Here.


Need more guidance? Tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll recommend a practice for you. And, if I don’t have it in the Library, I just might do a new class based on your request! Email me:

These are private Yoga practices intended for a select audience who received this link directly from Peaceful Hands Yoga. These are not public or “free” practices.

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