As the season begins its change from summer to fall this week, I thought about this little quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience.”

Recently, I discovered the context for this Emerson quote. In fact, it is part of a longer piece on education. In it, Emerson urges teachers to have patience. Rather than resort to punishment, he encourages teachers to give their young students both the time and opportunity to bloom into adulthood on their own.

I think it’s good advice for us, too. Why hurry toward every goal we set for ourselves? Instead, we should take time to explore and enjoy the journey itself. What a nice gift to give oneself — the gift of a bit of time and a bit of space where you can enjoy this moment, without hurrying off somewhere. (Easy to say, I know. Much more challenging to actually do!)

In the spirit of the quiet rhythm of nature, be mindful of this moment now – try not to stretch your neck into a future you can’t control (you won’t get there any quicker and you’ll only hurt your neck). Be patient with your journey and kind with your self. Take the time in the days ahead to watch and enjoy the change of the season … the changes in the trees, in the plants, in the wildlife, in you.

And, breathe.


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