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Morning Yoga: Saturday, Jan 11. It’s A Hippy Class!

Morning Yoga at Peaceful Hands this Saturday, January 11 at 9:30 a.m.

Do your hips and low back need a little Yoga love? Bring them to our first Saturday morning class of 2020!

That’s our focus for Saturday and there’s a brand new, super-awesome way of doing pigeon pose waiting for you!

Saturday morning classes are offered once a month or so, in addition to our weekly Monday and Wednesday afternoon/evening classes. This class is already included in the Winter unlimited session or counts as one class if you’re taking the 10- or 8-class Winter package.

Or, just come by and take the Saturday class. Drop-ins are always welcome. $13.

Peaceful Hands Yoga

228 Warren Street in Orange, Virginia

Yoga For All Levels — Beginners, Advanced, And Everyone In Between. Yoga For You.

The schedule for the current 8-week Winter session, which just got underway, is here. General info, including directions to the studio, is here.

Join us!

 Hippie’ishously Yours, Jackie

YES, Yoga Tonight At Peaceful Hands!

Yes! There is Yoga tonight — Wednesday, January 8 — at Peaceful Hands at our regular 4:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. class times.

Just a reminder that we don’t automatically follow the local school system closures … but I try to make the best decision for us and I’ll post here whenever classes are cancelled.

(Annette and Nancy have cancelled their morning classes today. I don’t always hear when their class schedules change, so if you are one of the morning students, it’s best to check in with your instructor directly.)

Things are already melting away … and I hope to see you on the mat this afternoon!

Sunshine’fully Yours, Jackie

5 Reasons To Join Us At Peaceful Hands Yoga …

El Paso Morning Times, 1/1/1920

“A resolution has a short and rough life; made in the morning of New Year’s day, broken before a week has passed and forgotten before the person who made it has overcome the habit of writing 1919 for 1920.” ~ El Paso Morning Times, 1/1/1920

I guess it’s a relief that our grandparents and great-grandparents … and perhaps the great-greats before them … encountered the same challenges we do today: feeling the urge to make a New Year’s resolution, feeling disappointment when it fails, and, darn it, getting the year straight when writing it down.

See, we’re not the only ones.

Happy 2019 … I mean 2020!

Just a reminder that our Winter Yoga Session begins, in earnest, on Monday, January 6.

JANUARY 6 thru FEBRUARY 26, 2020


4:30 p.m. // Level 1

6:00 p.m. // Level 1 / Level 2

PLUS: SATURDAY, January 11 and February 8 at 9:30 a.m.

There’s a tendency in our world today to look to technology to teach us. Yoga classes and other group activities are discarded in favor of videos and streaming. Sure, I get it. But, it doesn’t hurt to give Peaceful Hands Yoga – a real Yoga class – a try. And, here are some reasons why …

1) We’re friendly. The neighbor beside you in class isn’t your competition. They’re your cheerleader. If you miss a cue, they’ll help you out. They’ll share their extra Yoga block with you and give you an encouraging smile when you both fall out of a balance pose. Holding a pose – “for just one more breath” – is so much easier when you’re not doing it alone. (You might even meet a car-pool partner that can make getting to class a breeze.)

2) We see you. The instructor in a video won’t see when you overextend your knee or put more strain on your back in a pose, instead of less. But, I will. Maybe that little alignment change will make all the difference. (Plus, the instructor you’re watching as you stream a class on your phone is two-inches tall … you have to squint to see her! I’m a full-size human … and easy to see!)

3) We’re made for your practice. Our studio has bolsters, blocks, straps, and even loaners mats – all you will need for your practice. We have the space you need. The distractions of home – phones ringing, chores beckoning – won’t follow you here. Plus, our 8-week sessions give you day/time options – including a couple Saturday mornings! – to help you get your Yoga in, with discounts that increase the more classes you take.

4) We’re flexible. Yoga is both a challenging and forgiving practice. Your practice evolves and changes on the mat and our classes evolve and change as well. Our classes take into account the season, how people are feeling, and offer modifications if you’re healing from an injury or have movement restrictions.  We celebrate the different traditions of Yoga that help ensure your body, mind, and heart don’t fall into the trap of just “going through the motions.” By varying our classes, and how we flow into and hold poses, we ensure that our body – and brain – are learning new things and avoiding the muscle memory trap.

5) We’re family. Peaceful Hands Yoga has been part of the Madison/Orange community since 2002. We include people who have practiced with me all through that time … and people who are brand new to Yoga. We are a diverse bunch and include pretzel’y flexible folks and others who modify their practices for comfort and ease. We are tall, we are short, we are skinny, we are plump. We are young, we are young-ish, we were once young. We are Wahoos, we are Hokies. We all just do the best we can. We are a family.

Look what we can do … together …

OK, maybe not this exactly. But, I was determined to get this into today’s post. Because … how about that!

Yoga has had a profound and healing impact on my life. It is been my joy and privilege to share it through Peaceful Hands Yoga.

So, why not give it a whirl? Whether you’re brand new to Yoga … or maybe you’ve just fallen away for awhile.

Don’t make a resolution destined to fail. Just give yourself a class and see how you feel. There’s always a spot for you at Peaceful Hands Yoga.

Your first class with me is free … and you can join at any time.

More details, including pricing and directions to the studio, are here. You can also reach me directly at jackie@peacefulhands.com or 540-672-9528.

I hope to see you on the mat.

2020fully Yours, Jackie

Winter 2020 At Peaceful Hands — Plus, Yoga On New Year’s Day

It’s never too late to begin again.

I hope the holidays have been peaceful and kind to you. I hope you had time to enjoy the sunny warm days. And, I hope that somewhere along the way, you unrolled your mat.

(True Confession: the other day I did a one-hour Yoga practice without ever standing once or doing a single seated pose. All my asanas were done lying on my back – or on my side – the entire time. Like a warm triple chocolate cake, dripping with even more chocolate, it was decadent … and divine.)

By Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush via Pexels.com


Now, as the holidays start their wind-up, it’s time to look to 2020 …

Our 2020 Winter Yoga Session at Peaceful Hands Yoga begins with a morning class on New Year’s Day! Continue reading

Holiday Session Update & A Peaceful Hands Milestone

Photo by Immortal shots via Pexels.

This week we wrap up our Holiday Session at Peaceful Hands Yoga with classes on Monday, 12/16 and Wednesday, 12/18 at our regular times:

4:30 p.m.  – Level 1

6:00 p.m. – Level 1 / Level 2

Classes this week – our last of 2019 – will use the breath, mudras, and gentle movement in a special combination to soothe the body, quiet the mind, and warm the heart.

Even if you’ve fallen out of your Yoga routine – or haven’t started one yet – this might be a nice way to ease into the busy holiday sprint ahead.

Then we’ll be off until the Winter Session which begins on …

New Year’s Day!

We’ll kick-off 2020 with a Kundalini-inspired morning class at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, January 1.

As always, come to the New Year’s Day morning class and if you register and pay for the 8-week Winter Session that day, then your New Year’s class is free!

Our 8-week Winter session will begin, for real, the following Monday, January 6, 2020.

Drop-in’s are welcome, too, of course … $13, as always.

I’ll have all the dates of the Winter session (including the Saturday morning class dates) for you soon. (Soon-ish.) Everything remains the same as 2019 – same pricing, same 8-week sessions, same one-Saturday-morning-class-a-month.

I hope it includes you, too.

And, a little milestone

Moving Day, December 2014

This month marks our FIFTH YEAR at our Peaceful Hands Studio on Warren Street. When we made the move from our smaller studio, I worried that the space would be too big, the floors a little too squeaky, and that it just wouldn’t work.

It works. But, not because of the space, itself. The floors are still a little squeaky in spots. But, it works because of you. Because of the love and energy and support you bring to the space. It works because you unroll your mat with us.

Ocean Wall. Sand Wall. Colored Lights. Those things are just that … things. What makes Peaceful Hands a family is you.

I thank you for being part of our Yoga community. And, if you haven’t joined us yet, I invite you to come by and give us a try. We’re nothing fancy. But, we’re Yoga. And, we’re a family.

Happy Holidays!

Joyful’iciously Yours, Jackie

And, this …

Our Wildlife Center Open House Is Tomorrow — Your Questions Answered!

Of course, I was going to remind you once more about the Wildlife Center of Virginia Open House Benefit and Yoga Class tomorrow!

Amanda, A Screech Owl, And The Peanuts Gang At Last Year’s Event

Tomorrow is our way of helping the Wildlife Center of Virginia. But, it’s also my way of thanking you … for your support and for being part of the Peaceful Hands family. Whether I see you once a week … once a year … or if you’re just dropping in for the very first time … I’m delighted to have you join us.

Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

9:30 a.m. Yoga Class

11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Open House

Peaceful Hands Yoga

228 Warren Street in Orange, Virginia

Yoga? Open House? How About Both At The Same Time? Continue reading

Yoga Update & Thanksgiving Blessings Galore …

A few reminders from Peaceful Hands Yoga …

** There will be no Monday/Wednesday classes with Jackie at Peaceful Hands Yoga Thanksgiving week. Classes resume on Monday, December 2.

** Our annual Open House/Yoga Class benefit for the Wildlife Center of Virginia is Saturday, December 7!

I hope you can join us … for class or just swing by for the Open House. I know this is a busy time for everyone, but it’s a rare treat to see one of the Wildlife Center’s animals up close. And, I’ll have plenty of treats, so invite a friend, too! The Center relies on the generosity of folks like us to make their life-saving work possible. All the details are here.

** I hope you take time to unroll your mat during this week of thankfulness. Here are some of the Thanksgiving blessings that I’ve shared in our classes over the years. Perhaps one (or two) could be a perfect fit at your table as you share love and gratitude with family and friends this week:

~ This timeless and inspiring Thanksgiving blessing from the civil rights activist W.E.B. du Bois is the one I share at the end of every Thanksgiving Yoga class: Give Us Thankful Hearts

~ Albert Schweitzer’s “Rekindling Our Light” inspiration: Rekindling Our Light

~ The Buddha explains why we should all be thankful: So, Let Us All Be Thankful

~ Instruction for the Gratitude Savasana and Energy Bridge: Thanksgiving Yoga ~ A Blessing, Part 1

~ A reminder of the “powerful energizer” that the spirit of gratitude is: Thanksgiving Yoga ~ A Blessing, Part 2

~ A poem of Gratitude from Harriett Kofalk: I Give Thanks

And … my favorite cartoon … ever.

via mutts.com

I am thankful for our moments together … if you’ve unrolled your Yoga mat with me once, twice, or countless times over many years … I am grateful for the kindness and inspiration you give me. May you have much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

With Bushels Of Thanks, Jackie

Peaceful Hands Holiday Open House & Yoga Class ~ Benefiting The Wildlife Center of Virginia. Saturday, Dec. 7, 2019

On SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2019 join me for our 8th annual morning Yoga class and Holiday “Meet The Animals” Open House at Peaceful Hands Yoga in Orange, Virginia …


Free All-Levels Yoga Class ~ 9:30 a.m.

Peaceful Hands Yoga Studio, 228 Warren Street, Orange, Virginia

Open House follows ~ 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Not up for morning Yoga? Just come to the Open House! 

Your “cost”? 1) Make a cash/check donation to the Wildlife Center of Virginia or, 2) Bring a bag filled with helpful supplies for the Center from this “wish list”:

Paper Towels ** Tissues (no lotion) ** Glad/Hefty Trash Bags (30 gallon & yard sized) ** Ziplock Bags (gallon size) ** Mixed Nuts (unsalted, raw, no peanuts) ** Canned & Dry Dog or Cat Food (any size, any brand) ** Wild Bird Seed ** Silverware/Flatware ** Basic office supplies: 20 lb. white paper, white card stock, pens, staplers, padded mailing envelopes, dry erase markers, spiral-bound notebooks, notepads.

 Whoooo will be joining us? Some of the Wildlife Center’s special wild ambassadors, that’s who!

The Wildlife Center of Virginia depends entirely on the generosity of individuals like us to support their life-saving work. They have cared for more than 3,000 wild animals this year … and new patients come in every single day.

Like this bobcat kitten … Continue reading

Fall Yoga Wraps Up This Week. Holiday Session Begins Nov. 4

The Six Intentions of Grounding We Explored This Fall:

Trust … Calm … Center … Uncoil … Rise … Pause

There’s still time to get your Fall Yoga classes in at Peaceful Hands … our session wraps up this week, with classes on Monday (10/28) and Wednesday (10/30).

Our special six-week HOLIDAY session will begin on Monday, November 4.

It’s easy to get “too busy.”

Just hanging on is a challenge some days.

But, think of what Yoga gives back if you make a little time for it – renewed energy; a more supple and stronger body; improved immunity, circulation, and respiration; a refreshed mind; and that vital reconnection of body, mind, and heart. Continue reading

Saturday Yoga On Oct. 12 … & Schedule Reminders

Some reminders for you, as this session begins its wind-down …

Saturday Yoga is tomorrow, October 12, at 9:30 a.m. at Peaceful Hands.  

Give yourself a weekend treat and unroll your mat with us!

(Saturday Exclusive: I’m going to teach one of the sweetest, easiest, quickest, most effective grounding techniques there is … it works!)

Saturday’s class is already included in the unlimited session or counts as one class if you’re taking the 10- or 8-class package. And, drop-ins are always welcome. $13. Continue reading