A Tardy Look At New Year’s Resolutions

It seems fitting – if you know me well – that I’m writing about New Year’s Resolutions on January 24. In fact, I’m still deciding what my resolution will be. Some would say my tardiness is because I’m a Libra and can’t make a decision (which, astrology aside, happens to be true). Some would say it’s because I’m always a little bit slow and a little bit late (which is also true). And, some would say it’s in keeping with my annual promise to give up eggplant during Lent (which, since I dislike eggplant and don’t eat it anyway, is an easy one to keep).

But, mostly I don’t like New Year’s Resolutions, because I don’t want to make another resolution that I won’t keep.

New Year’s Resolutions are a nice idea, but why do we insist on torturing ourselves with hard-to-achieve goals that will only make us miserable? Or, if we have good-hearted goals – why do we have to launch them all on the same day? What’s wrong with starting a new habit on March 7 or June 12?

I went by the local Gold’s Gym on January 2 and it was overflowing with people. Every machine was in use and I wouldn’t have been surprised to find two or three people crammed together on a single treadmill. Nearly every single person looked sweaty, pale, tired, and miserable. There was a cloud of desperation over the entire place. Okay, it was a cloud of steam and sweat, but it sure felt desperate to me. Those folks weren’t out to create a vibrant new body; they were out to destroy their old one.

I happened to be back there yesterday. It was less than half full. I hope those other people are happier now. Unhappy exercise is destined to fail.

My husband, Randy, was stopped for one of those “Man In The Street” interviews by a local camera crew in late December. The question – “What’s your New Year’s Resolution”? He said, without missing a beat, “Have more fun.” Now, that’s a kind-hearted and good resolution.

Do you even remember what your New Year’s Resolution was? If you haven’t made one yet, maybe you should wait until Losar – Tibetan New Year – on February 18.

By February 18, I will have decided on mine. I’m leaning toward “Have more fun.”


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