Navajo Blessing

This blessing was first taught to me as a Navajo blessing, but over the years I have seen it, in similar form, from many other cultures and heritages. But, I stay with this one, because it was the first I learned.

Energy follows intention. So, as you bring this intention to your heart, feel it bloom within you … and let that peacefulness radiate beyond your physical boundaries. Let peacefulness fill you and all those around you.

I use this blessing in yoga classes often and in my own practice. It helps remind me that peacefulness — in my heart, in my mind, in my life — is only a small intention away. But, the key is to first look within and then allow your inner peace to radiate outward.

May this blessing bring you the peace you need today!

Before me, peaceful.
Behind me, peaceful.
Under me, peaceful.
Over me, peaceful.
Around me, peaceful.


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