The Frosty Skies

Meditation doesn’t always have to be about chanting Sanskrit mantras or adhering only to the words of an ancient swami or guru. Sometimes a meaningful prayer will come into your heart organically. Sometimes you’ll trip upon something you overhear … or perhaps a line of a poem will inspire you. And, of course, the most exhilarating meditations are often the ones that bring you into perfect quiet with no words or thoughts to weigh you down.

You simply need to let your meditation evolve into a practice that is beneficial and meaningful to you.

This line is from a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson (perhaps not the first person you think of when you are stretching out on your yoga mat or settling onto your meditation cushion). But, as our Meditation circle met last month just as winter was beginning, it seemed like just the right words to carry us through our practice.

Make Thou My Spirit Pure And Clear
As Are The Frosty Skies

The poem is from St. Agnes’ Eve. Perhaps it has a place in your next quiet time.


1 thought on “The Frosty Skies

  1. It was so cold yesterday morning. But I went down to the River to leave offerings for the animals, the mountain and the River herself. The land is so beautiful in the approach, grass with golden seed heads now straw strewn by the wind, water and creatures, resembling a fantastic combing of hair. The grasses now prostrate to the winter sun, last season’s seed heads remaining as active as live microphones, embodying their own prayers and amplifying others. With temperatures in the teens I was presented with a show of shows, millions of miniscule sequins signaling away in the frosty grasses. So there I stayed, gathering impressions, just this side of marveling, staying present and accepting this magnificent gift. Yes, hail to the frosty air! Well, I guess hail is another thing entirely…

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