Health Is Your Birthright ~ A New Year’s Inspiration & Blessing

No, not a resolution for the New Year. You know I would never impose that on you! New Year’s resolutions are almost always broken … through no real fault of your own. The chill of winter inspires hibernation, not a diet, not a new workout regimen. We demand so much of ourselves and can be so unforgiving when yet another resolution falls away when the many demands of daily life takes over.

Instead, I share with you a New Year’s inspiration … a yogic blessing that you might want to incorporate into your mediation practice or as an intention when you unroll your mat.

“Health is your birthright, not disease. Strength is your heritage, not weakness. Courage, not fear. Bliss, not sorrow. Peace, not restlessness. Knowledge, not ignorance. The person who aims for good health and strength of both body and mind is a gem among all humanity. Such a person possesses the true treasure.” ~ Swami Satchidanada

May your day be peaceful!

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