The Loss of Leisure Time …

“Who knows where the time goes?” Sandy Denny sang so sweetly back in the 1960s.

A revealing story in The New York Times on Sunday (8/20) reports that this summer “American workers, who already take fewer vacations than people in nearly all industrial nations, have pruned back their leisure days even more.”

When we cram our days full of chores and give up our free time, we lose so much. Time we need for our body to rejuvenate itself … to heal. Time we need for our mind to unclutter, to rest and restore. Time we need for our spirit to blossom and play.

The Times cites one recent survey that found that 40 percent of consumers had no plans to take a vacation over the next six months — the lowest percentage recorded by the polling group in 28 years.

I firmly believe if you allow yourself just an hour a day … for yoga … for a massage … or any other soothing, mindful activity you enjoy … you will more than make up that hour with increased productivity. You will return to your daily tasks rejuvenated, revived, and with increased, and more efficient, decision-making abilities. You will be taking care of yourself. And, that can do much long-term good.

Won’t you take a moment today, to give yourself a tiny gift of leisure?

Indulge yourself, if only for 15 minutes. Unroll your yoga mat. Sit in your garden (and let the weeds go just this once). Take a walk. Soak in a bath. Or plan a weekend getaway or a retreat that will allow you to rest, revive, and blossom with new energy.

And, now, for my play time! I’m off to dig out that wonderful old Sandy Denny album … unroll my yoga mat … and take a little time for leisure. I hope you’ll have some playtime, too.


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