Groucho, The Buddha Kitty

I don’t usually post personal messages on this blog. That was never the point.

And, quite honestly, who wants to read about me? I’d much rather encourage your yoga practice and your good health journey.

But, today, I’m breaking my rules …

This weekend, I lost Groucho, my Buddha Kitty, who has inspired my yoga practice and made my heart joyful for 13 years.

For 13 years, Groucho rarely missed when I unrolled my yoga mat at home. Sometimes she just came in and sat for a few mintues, sometimes she laid down against my shoulders when I was in Shoulderstand … or walked in and out under me while I was in Upward Bow or Bridge pose. And, more than once she licked my nose as I was upside down in a Headstand.

Her favorite part was always Savasana and Meditation, when she would curl up under the blanket, or lay down by my head, or rest near my feet as I sat in quiet, just breathing, just being.

I will miss all the joy — and warmth — she brought to me. And, all the wisdom she shared.

In 2007, I posted some of her words of wisdom. And, here they are again. She may be gone from the earth, but her essence will always be with me. And, her words will continue to inspire me:

“As I was doing my yoga yesterday, I was joined by Groucho, one of my cats. She often sits in on my practices, patiently waiting for savasana and meditation, when she can crawl under my prayer blanket for a cozy snooze.

“Yesterday, I asked her in my heart to communicate with me, to share a secret with me. And, she told me this:

“I live. I love. I rest.”

I will miss her. She was one cool kitty and unrolling my yoga mat will never be quite as joyful without her there watching and hanging out.

I live. I love. I rest.

And, may you Live, Love, and Rest, too.


2 thoughts on “Groucho, The Buddha Kitty

  1. Aahh Jackie I am so sorry to hear of Groucho's passing. It is such a sad time especially when it comes out of the blue like that. Please pass on my regards to Randy as well. He was so understanding when I rang him to cancel dinner the evening I lost George, when I couldn't even get my words out. Thinking of you both and see you Thursday.

  2. Dearest Jackie,

    I am heartbroken for you and know how much this hurts. I don't know what I would do without the calming, loving presence of Mason. The wise adage of Groucho will stay with me, and I only hope we may all learn from it; I certainly need to!

    You have so many gifts and are special to a large number of people. Know that we feel blessed to be a part of your life, and will journey on together – I know Groucho will always be a part of your journey.

    Goc bless!

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