Orange Yoga ~ A New Home!

Ganesha has arrived to banish obstacles. The bells have arrived so class can start.
We’re just waiting for you & your Yoga mat!

Yes … it’s official (finally!)

Peaceful Hands Yoga in Orange has a new home!

Beginning in January 2015, Peaceful Hands Yoga is located at 228 Warren Street in Orange, Virginia. (It’s on the second floor of the Sedwick Racquetball Courts.)

I’m hopeful that our new home will give us a bit more room to spread out, a nicer space, and better ventilation and temperature.  While no space is perfect (or so I am told), I hope this will become a sacred space for you to share your Yoga with me each week.


Lots of floor space so you can stretch out without knocking your neighbor over!
And, the ocean wall I’ve always wanted! There should be ample wall space for everyone
to flip over and kick up our legs from time to time.
I hope this will become an inviting and sacred space for your Yoga journey.
I hope that it feels like home.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. You can post your comment here, email me at or call me at 540-672-9528.  Thank you for being part of my Yoga family!

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