Saturday Yoga On Oct. 12 … & Schedule Reminders

Some reminders for you, as this session begins its wind-down …

Saturday Yoga is tomorrow, October 12, at 9:30 a.m. at Peaceful Hands.  

Give yourself a weekend treat and unroll your mat with us!

(Saturday Exclusive: I’m going to teach one of the sweetest, easiest, quickest, most effective grounding techniques there is … it works!)

Saturday’s class is already included in the unlimited session or counts as one class if you’re taking the 10- or 8-class package. And, drop-ins are always welcome. $13.

Just three weeks left in the session, which wraps on Wednesday, October 30. Be sure to check in with me if you’re wondering how many classes you have left in the session.

And, Sneak Peek: the upcoming Holiday session will, as always, be a short one so stay tuned for dates and info.

Peaceful Hands Yoga

228 Warren Street in Orange, Virginia

Your Friendly, Neighborhood Yoga Studio. Beginners, Advanced, And Everyone In Between — This Yoga Is For You.

The schedule for the current Fall session is here. General info, including directions to the studio, is here.

See you soon!

CrispBreezfully, ItsFallFinally Yours, Jackie

Repeating A Reminder & Monday’s Historical Society Event

I think it’s kind of fitting that there are so many synonyms for the word repeat:

duplicate, redo, reduplicate, remake, renew, replicate, reprise, rerun, restate, refashion, recraft …

So, apologies for going over – once again – this repeat, duplicate, redone, reduplicated, remade, restated, replicated, reprised, and rerun announcement:

There will be no Yoga class at Peaceful Hands on Monday, September 30.

BUT … I invite you to join me at the Orange County Historical Society on Monday at 7:00 p.m. for my presentation:

160 Games: The Lost Ballplayers of Orange

There will be snacks, baseball, history, and me.

There will be no downward facing dogs and no savasanas. 😎

Even if you don’t like baseball (and you must let me change your mind about that sometime), this event is a deep dive into more than just baseball as we explore the lives of three big leaguers from the ‘teens and ‘twenties with unique stories and special ties to Orange County.

The event is free and open to the public. More info, including directions and parking info, is on my “Baseball Bloggess” website: here.

Join me. We’ll have fun.

And, wear your favorite team’s ball cap if you have one!

Yoga class resumes on Wednesday, October 2.

Baseballiciously Yours, Jackie

Morning Yoga, This Saturday 9/14 At Peaceful Hands


Saturday Morning Yoga is like a just-picked, perfect apple … fresh, sweet, crisp, and so good for you.

Morning Yoga at Peaceful Hands this Saturday, September 14 at 9:30 a.m.

There’s an old Yoga adage – do Yoga today so you can do Yoga tomorrow.

How about Saturday?

Saturday morning classes are offered once a month or so, in addition to our weekly Monday and Wednesday classes. This class is already included in the unlimited session or counts as one class if you’re taking the 10- or 8-class package.

Or just come by and take the Saturday class. Drop-ins are always welcome. $13.

Peaceful Hands Yoga

228 Warren Street in Orange, Virginia

Yoga For All Levels — Beginners, Advanced, And Everyone In Between. Yoga For You.

The schedule for the current Fall session, which is just underway, is here. General info, including directions to the studio, is here.

Apples are awesome. But, they won’t stretch out your tight shoulders and hips. Saturday Yoga might.  I’ll save you a spot!

Yogaliciously Yours, Jackie

Fall Yoga Session Begins Sept 4!


There was a time when being “grounded” was the result of extremely poor teenage choices. Not a good thing.

You remember being grounded, right? (What, just me?)

Things sure change, don’t they?

Today, being grounded – being in the present moment – is one of the greatest gifts we give ourselves and, often, one of the most elusive.

Yoga tries to bring you back … to the present moment … to the here and now. To a place of peace, well-being, and possibilities.

Why not unroll your mat and see?

The FALL SESSION at Peaceful Hands Yoga begins this WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4!

We’re going to get to the core (heh, heh) of groundedness. 😉

Here’s the calendar:

(Getting Grounded) Fall Yoga Session at Peaceful Hands!

Wednesday, September 4 thru Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Mondays and Wednesdays

4:30 p.m.  |  Level 1 

6:00 p.m.  |  Level 1 / Level 2

PLUS! SATURDAY MORNINGS: September 14 and October 12, at 9:30 a.m.

NOTE: NO class on Monday, September 30.  (I’m speaking at the Orange Historical Society that evening – you’re invited and I’m promised there will be snacks! More info here.)  Our Yoga schedule has been extended to accommodate that change.

You can always just drop in from time to time, but … taking a session gives you a chance to commit to your practice, grow in your abilities, and enjoy a generous discount (made even more generous, the more classes you take):

$125 – UNLIMITED, Monday/Wednesday classes, PLUS the Saturday classes. Take’em all! (This is nearly half-off the drop-in fee … which is, more than $100 in savings, which, I think you’ll agree, is a pretty sweet discount.)

$80 – 8-Week Session, 10 Classes. Take ANY 10 of my classes during the session, that includes Monday, Wednesday, or Saturday classes. Mix and match as your schedule allows. (You save $50 off the drop-in rate!)

$74 – 8-Week Session, 8 Classes.  Take ANY 8 of my classes during the session.  Any 8 classes during the 8 weeks — you choose the ones that work best for you. (A savings of $30 off the drop-in rate!)

$13 – Drop-In to any class.

I hope you’ll join us.  And, this would be a perfect time to invite a friend to try out Peaceful Hands Yoga. Their first class is free, of course. We rely on your kind word-of-mouth to keep our classes going. Thank you for being the best Yoga ambassadors!

You’ll find more info on classes, including directions to the studio, hereAnd, you can reach me with any questions etc. at

I’ve saved you a spot. Join us.

Autumniciously Yours, Jackie

YogaPalooza ~ That’s A Wrap (Almost)

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YogaPalooza, our annual summer session on the mat, has seen some changes over the past 12 years. The classes have changed and, well, we have, too.

But, at its heart, YogaPalooza’s theme has always stayed the same – take time to try something different. A different pose, a different style, a different intention.

YogaPalooza is about honoring the spirit that gives you a classic Downward Dog pose and then turns it into a wondrously playful “Splashy Dog.”  It’s a reminder that Yoga can be whatever you need it to be, whenever.

But, just like the summer that surrounds it, this YogaPalooza – our dozenth! – has had its moment in the sun. It’s time to close it up for the year.

Our last two YogaPalooza classes are this week – Monday, August 19 and Wednesday, August 21.

(And, then we will be off until Wednesday, September 4 when the Fall Session will begin.)

First … Thank you.

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YogaPalooza Saturday! “Earth, Wind, & Fire”

There’s still a little YogaPalooza left before we wrap up the summer! (Just three classes left …)

And, the last of our three special Saturday classes is tomorrow – August 17 at 9:30 a.m.

Join us for some Earth, Wind, & Fire.

Ayurveda, the science of Yoga, reminds us that we are made up of elements: earth … wind … and fire.  Those are the elements that make up everything – people, trees, bears, frogs  …

High Five, Cats! You’re Earth, Wind, & Fire, Too!

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YogaPalooza This Week: Classic Yoga Done Three Ways!

Summer is winding down and so is YogaPalooza, our 12th annual Summer On The Mat. Just two weeks – and five classes – left. Boy, summer flies by, doesn’t it?

Three classes, including our final Saturday morning class of the session, await you this week – each explores Yoga from a classic point-of-view, celebrating traditions that have been practiced for generations.

Here’s this week’s all-Yoga, all-classic lineup: Continue reading

YogaPalooza Saturday! “Every Breath You Take”

The second of our three special YogaPalooza Saturday morning classes is this Saturday, August 10!

Last summer, guest instructor Patricia Triplett brought us a Yoga practice that helped us melt deliciously into our mats. I’m delighted she is joining us again this year.

Join Patricia for a 9:30 a.m. morning class she calls “Every Breath You Take: A Gentle Practice For Hectic Times.” 

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YogaPalooza ~ 3 Super Special Classes This Week!

Three YogaPalooza classes this week  … each one a unique reflection of what Yoga can bring to us. Try one or try ‘em all!

(Plus, keep reading because there is an important change on the YogaPalooza calendar coming later this month.)

But, first, here’s what on tap for this week …

Monday, August 5 ~ Happy Hips, 4:30 p.m. & 6:00 p.m.

Time to get hippy.

Umm, well, ok. That’s not exactly what I meant by hippy, but, sure, let’s go with it. Continue reading

Join Us For A YogaPalooza “Beach Week”!

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What “shell” we do at YogaPalooza next? Well, we’re halfway through our YogaPalooza session and no summer is complete without a Beach Week … so why not this week?

Ocean Wall. Check!

Sand Wall. Check!

And, you won’t even have to remember to bring the sunscreen. 😎

Here’s the week’s schedule: Continue reading