Wildlife Center of Virginia Yoga Fundraiser ~ You Made It The Best Ever!


Our Wildlife Center of Virginia Yoga & Open House in Orange on Saturday was the most successful yet! 

We raised nearly $1,600 in donations … PLUS a carload of supplies valued at hundreds of dollars.

Your generous hearts and spirits will provide lots of nourishing food and life-saving medical care to the animal patients the Center cares for. 

(There are 56 wild animal patients receiving medical care at the Wildlife Center as I write this — that’s a whole lot of mouths to feed!)

Thank You for Supporting
The Wildlife Center of Virginia!
Here are just a few patients who we have helped …
Fox Kits
A different kind of “Kit” ~ a Bobcat Kitten
A Kestrel Chick ~ who received care from the Center
AND from the Center’s adult Kestrel resident who served as a surrogate parent
and taught this chick how to survive in the wild.
An injured barn owl, rescued recently in Orange County
The Wildlife Center now has an online “CRITTER CAM” ~ you can watch their patients rehab and prepare for their release back to the wild.  Recent Critter Cam “stars” have included Bald Eagles, Bear Cubs, Owls, & Hawks.  To watch LIVE, click here.
Thank you for unrolling your Yoga mat
with me again this year and for helping the Wildlife Center!
(All these sweet photos are courtesy of the Wildlife Center of Virginia.)

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