A Special Message For "Team Bunny"

Every spring I ask for your help collecting fresh clover & dandelions for the patients at the Wildlife Center of Virginia.

(I always feel a little odd asking for your garden weeds!)

As always, the response is wonderful! Thank you, thank you! Randy has delivered many bags of garden greens to the Center over these past many weeks.  Here are some of your delicious greens “in action”:

Garden Greens are YUM!

Here’s a message for you from Dr. Kelli, one of the Wildlife Center’s Certified Wildlife Rehabbers … 

I can’t thank “Team Bunny” enough for the natural greens that they are providing for our patients. They’ve already helped to feed the 126!!! juvenile eastern cottontails that we’ve admitted this year since our first young bunny arrived on April 2nd. 
We are on track for a record year of cottontail admissions considering we admitted 402 cottontails in total for the entire year of 2013. 
We also feed the clover and dandelions to other patients like our bear cubs which we are transitioning onto whole foods and they LOVE leaves and greens.  Our box turtles enjoy the greens as well which we food process into “turtle bulk” along with greens that we purchase like kale, collards and dark green lettuce varieties.
If there are any gardeners out there that grow greens and lettuces in their garden, those are welcome too.
Keep those natural greens coming Team Bunny!
Thanks again-


For more information on Team Bunny click here.  I hope you’ll join our squadron of greens-pickers!  

Thank you all again for helping animals and for opening your heart to the wild!

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