5 Ways To Ensure 4th of July Awesomeness

Five things — from watermelon to bear cubs — to help ensure a safe and awesome Fourth of July …

One … It’s Hot Out — Stay Hydrated. Watermelon is 92 percent water and, as a bonus, includes nutrients, essential rehydration minerals, and electrolytes. Studies have found that watermelon is far more hydrating than just plain water. And, watermelon is yum (which you really can’t say about water). (Well, you could say that about water, but you probably wouldn’t mean it.)

So Very, Very Yum.

Two … Wear sunscreen. I know, I know … you’ve heard this a million times. But, also, try to avoid popular brands that include toxic chemicals in their mish-mash, and, especially those that include oxybenzone. And, avoid SPFs rated over 50 which are more highly concentrated with chemicals, but don’t offer much added protection.

If you can, go for a natural sunscreen.  For a list of sunscreens that meet the “safe” criteria set by the Environmental Working Group click here. And, the Organic Authority site has additional info on several good options here.

Three … Ditch the Boom-Boom-Boom. I hate to mess with holiday fun, but fireworks are incredibly traumatizing to pets, horses, and a squootload of wildlife life (and by “squootload” I mean ALL wildlife).

There are many wonderful ways to celebrate the 4th of July without panicking all the animals in your neighborhood.

Eating watermelon, for example. Hydrating and safe for wildlife.

Four … Be A Bear Cub Counter.

The Wildlife Center of Virginia currently has 11 rascally, ever-goofy bear cubs in their care this summer and you can watch them live on the Center’s Critter Cam, which I strongly encourage you to do because it is wonderful …

Find Critter Cam Channel Three here.

Plus, there is a bear cub counting contest going on at the Center this week!

How many cubs can you get in a single screen capture on the Center’s Critter Cam?

I found three just now …

No, wait! Now, there’s four …

Submit your screen captures to Randy at rhuwa@wildlifecenter.org.  Include the camera timestamp (date/time at the top of the Critter Cam screen) … and the number of cubs YOU think are visible.  Entries must be received by end-of-day dark on Sunday, July 8. Winner will be announced Monday morning, July 9.

The Wildlife Center says there will be “a fabulous prize”!  The decision of the judge[s] is final.

There will be no Yoga classes at Peaceful Hands on Wednesday, July 4, allowing you extra time to count bear cubs.

And, Five … Get Ready For YogaPalooza 2018!!! Our 11th annual YogaPalooza summer session begins on Monday, July 9!

The full YogaPalooza schedule is here … and for a handy one-page post-on-your-fridge version, click: YogaPalooza 2018 Calendar

Have a safe & happy holiday and I hope to see you and your mat in YogaPaloozaville this summer!

Independently Yours, Jackie

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