Madison Yoga: Changes For 2013

“The only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change.”  ~ C. Joybell C. (author)

After 10 years, this month is my last teaching Yoga on Mondays in Madison. I am so blessed to have had the chance to share Yoga in Madison with so many inspiring and wonderful people for so many years.

Thank you for sharing your Yoga with me and enriching my Mondays!

My last class in Madison at Wetsel Middle School will be Monday, December 10. (Classes at 4:00 p.m. & 5:30 p.m.)

But, don’t pack your mat away just yet!

Monday classes will continue … in Orange at my new Peaceful Hands Studio 228 Warren Street in Orange.  Classes there are Mondays AND Wednesdays at 4:30 and 6:00 p.m.

For the latest schedules click here.

My massage studio remains in Madison … and stay tuned … because lots of exciting Yoga news will continue to unfold in Orange.  I’ll post all those updates soon!

Oh, so much to do!

Thank You!

‎Ten years ago, on October 9, 2002, I passed my national certification exam and became a massage therapist.

The exam was at a testing facility just outside of Richmond. On the drive home, I got a call from a person with deep and unrelenting hip pain. I did my first massage as a Certified Therapist later that afternoon. (That the client never came back was a little disappointing, but I did my best.)

Ten years is such a long-short time!

When I graduated from massage school I was asked to give the commencement address.  I shared these words:

“The noted natualist and poet Diane Ackerman once wrote, ‘Touch seems to be as essential as sunlight.’ How lucky we are to have found a way to share this most basic — and healthful — gift with others. May we all create a healing touch that will, in its small way, give peace and comfort to this world.”

Ten years ago, I had no idea if this would be a career or a hobby.  If my work as a massage therapist would last one week, one month, one year … or just one client.  But, you had faith in me. You helped me learn. You allowed me to explore. You allowed me to work my way through your aches and pains.

The National Certification Board made me “CERTIFIED.”  YOU made me a THERAPIST.

I want to thank each of you who put your trust and faith in me, who enrich and inspire me in many, many ways, and who teach me so much about living a healthy and rewarding life.

I am so grateful for all you have given me … here’s to another 10!

If you’d like to visit my massage website … here it is:

One day, I will figure out a way to merge this Yoga blog and my massage website into a single place.  Sometime.  In the next 10 years.

Peaceful Hands’ New Massage Website

Finally, I have an easy way for you to find information about the massage and Ayurvedic arms of my Peaceful Hands Massage & Yoga practice.

My massage and Ayurvedic work seem to always get lost amidst all the yoga class juggling and posting on this blog.

So now, to learn more about my massage practice (and to set up an appointment), visit me online at:

You’ll find my office days/hours, rates, location, and lots of details about my background and my massage technique specialties.

There’s also a quick “Contact Jackie” form that allows you to ask questions, set up appointments, and purchase gift certificates quickly and easily.

I’ve also put the link to the site on this blog’s right hand column, under (what else?) “Links”.

I hope you’ll visit:

And, thank you all for your continuing patronage and referrals — your kind endorsements about my practice are the best advertising of all!

Time For A Change

I often remind folks in class that yoga not only makes our body flexible, but it also creates a suppleness and flexibility in our mind, heart, and spirit. It is that flexibility that allows us to step into changing circumstances with positive energy and grace.

And, so, with that sense of flexibility comes the following news: As of May 19, I will be moving my massage practice full-time to Madison, Virginia.

For the past 5 years, I have split my massage practice in two offices — in Madison and in Orange. But, as many of you know, for the past 9 months, my Orange colleagues and I have been seeking a new home for our massage therapy practice … and for the past 6 of those months we have been in temporary quarters that have been functional, but quirky. (And, I believe that “quirky” is being kind all the way round.)

I’m continuing to explore opportunities in Orange, but beginning May 19, my massage practice will move full-time to Madison.

This means many good things for you!

First, my Madison office will be moving to a dedicated treatment room upstairs from the current MountainWood office in the Perl Building (108 Schoolhouse Road, just a half-block from Main Street). That means my hot stones and other therapies will be all in one place for you. (If stairs are an issue for you, don’t worry — I will still have access to the main floor treatment space to make things easy.)

Second, with the dedicated treatment room and reduction in time that I have typically spent shuttling between Orange and Madison (sometimes a couple times a day), I will have more of my day available for your sessions and more convenient times.

Third, I’ll still offer Saturday sessions!

I know that this will mean a few extra driving minutes for some clients, but I hope that the benefits of a therapeutic and healing massage will outweigh the additional time it might take you to get to me. (Madison is just a quick 14-mile drive from the town of Orange.)

I will miss being in Orange (although my Orange yoga classes will continue on Wednesdays). But, for now, this is where the universe is guiding me. I certainly look forward to feeling settled with all my massage things in one space!

I will keep you posted and look forward to seeing you in my new space soon.