Bear & Rabbit Say "Thank You"

During 2011, Peaceful Hands Yoga students were incredibly generous to the Wildlife Center of Virginia … donating time, supplies, and food that helped save the lives of many wild animals.  I’ve said “thank you” before, but I wanted to take a moment to thank you all yet again for your kindness.  Your generosity embodies the pure spirit of yoga!

This spring many of you helped with an online voting campaign to name the Wildlife Center’s new Red-Tailed Hawk RUBY — in honor of the young civil rights hero, Ruby Bridges.

Also this spring, many of you became part of “TEAM BUNNY” collecting fresh young dandelions, lettuce, and other fresh greens to help provide tasty and nutritious food to the overflowing number of young rabbit patients at the Center.  Rabbit patients are fussy eaters.  The time you spent collecting and picking bags of fresh greens ensured that these fussy eaters had something they liked!

This fall, you changed your focus to “TEAM BEAR”, working together to gather food to feed a young, underfed bear cub.  You provided so much good, nutritious food!  My car was filled to overflowing several times.  Many of you tapped your friends, local grocers, and your schools to collect donations.  The bear grew big and strong and was released back to the wild in early December.

And, then, you joined in a WILDLIFE CENTER BENEFIT yoga class in December to support the Wildlife Center — bringing monetary donations, supplies, and other equipment that will support the Center’s work in the days, weeks, and year ahead!

I thank you for your kindness to all creatures — big and small — and for the inspiration you are to me.  I’m uplifted by you whenever you unroll your yoga mat with me.  And, I’m uplifted by the kindness of your heart!

But, really … I think two Friends of the Center, BEAR & RABBIT, say “thank you” much better than I ever could.

Here’s the link to this special little presentation: Bear & Rabbit Review 2011 at the Wildlife Center.

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