Wildlife Center Bear Cubs Need Your Grocery Bags …

The Wildlife Center of Virginia needs a favor from their trusty helper-outers. (That’s us!)


The Wildlife Center has admitted 22 bears this year, 15 of which are currently being cared for at the Center. Nearly all of these growing bears will be at the Center until spring 2019. That’s a lot of bears … and a lot of meals.

Each day the bears consume fruits, veggies, dog food, and other treats.


Yum for bears.

Here’s where we come in … the cubs’ meals are packaged for them in brown paper grocery bags that are tossed over the enclosure fence. (This helps ensure that the cubs don’t start to associate mealtime with people.)


The cubs tear into their grub and the bags decompose – no fuss, no muss.


Mealtime is often followed by naptime — often falling asleep right in their food. (Come on, who hasn’t done that??)

The Request: Can you spare a few brown paper grocery bags to help with the Center’s daily feeding?

Bring them to Yoga class in Orange this week or drop some off at my massage studio in Madison.

Yoga — 228 Warren Street, 2nd floor, in Orange (during Monday/Wednesday class times only, please).

Massage — 108 Schoolhouse Road, 102-D in Madison anytime during regular business hours. (Leave them by my 2nd floor glass suite door, with my name on top, if I’m not there.)

It seems like a silly request, but it really will make the Center’s life easier …

For the latest update on the Center’s bear cubs click here.

Here’s a video of the cubs playing back in May.  They’re much bigger now and are in a much larger outdoor enclosure.


Thank you so much for being so generous, kind, and willing to help whenever the Center needs us.

Bearcubbishly Yours, Jackie

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