Yoga Update, Wildlife Center News, & Thanksgiving Blessings Galore …

A few reminders from Peaceful Hands Yoga …

** There will be no Monday/Wednesday classes with Jackie at Peaceful Hands Yoga Thanksgiving week. Classes resume on Monday, November 26.

** Our upcoming Open House/Yoga Class benefit for the Wildlife Center of Virginia is more important than ever!

On Thursday, the Wildlife Center suffered significant damage from the severe ice storm that hit the East Coast. As of Sunday morning, they are still without power (and have no back up generator).

Some of the damage: Continue reading

Fall Session Wraps Up. Holiday Session Begins (Soon).

OK … let’s get our Peaceful Hands Yoga schedule straightened out. Four things …


Our FALL session has been extended and will run through this week – Monday, November 5 and Wednesday, November 7.

Don’t forget to bring paper grocery bags to help the Wildlife Center of Virginia feed their bear cubs. (More info on that can be found here.)


Our HOLIDAY session will begin next Monday, November 12.

It’s easy to get “too busy.”

It’s all you can do to just hang on sometimes.

But, just think of what Yoga gives back to you if you make a little time for it – renewed energy; a more supple and stronger physical body; improved immunity, circulation, and respiration; a refreshed mind; and that vital reconnection of mind to heart.

As always, the Holiday Session will provide a more nurturing and quieting practice, with emphasis on kindling the heart’s fire, warming the bones, and taking time to step away from the stress of our daily world so that we may reset and restore.

5-Week Holiday Yoga Session 2018

Monday, November 12 through Monday, December 19

(No classes Thanksgiving Week.)

Peaceful Hands Yoga

Mondays & Wednesdays

4:30 p.m. & 6:00 p.m.

And, extra special HOLIDAY pricing on class fees!

$68 – take the entire unlimited session (that’s nearly half off the drop-in fee!)

$45 – take any SIX classes during the 5-week session (that’s like getting nearly 3 free classes over the drop-in fee!)

$13 – Drop-in/Single Class.


SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1, is our annual Yoga Class & Open House to benefit the Wildlife Center of Virginia.  Some special wild friends from the Center will be joining us (I mean the animals are wild, not Randy, Lacy, and Amanda), so mark your calendar!

And, the Center’s special “Wish List” has been posted. You’ll find that along with all the details here.


I’m thinking ahead to 2019 and would love to hear from you. Is there anything special you would like to see? Special classes, new focuses or themes, workshops?  Would you be interested in a once-a-month Saturday morning class, for instance? Or, a monthly discussion class on the finer points and philosophy of Yoga?

My practice of Yoga is constantly evolving. And, I know that yours is, too.

That means Peaceful Hands Yoga evolves as well.

What can your Yoga bring you?  What can Peaceful Hands Yoga bring you?

I really do think of us as a community – a family. And, your suggestions and thoughts are very helpful to me. Please forward your suggestions, ideas, wish lists, and what-have-you to me at

I hope to see you on the mat!

If you’re new to Yoga, or to my classes, please come try a class. (Your first class is free!) For general info, including directions to the studio, class levels, what to expect, etc. … click here

And, you can always reach me by email at or at 540-672-9528.

SweaterWeatherfully Yours, Jackie


No Yoga Tonight 10/31 ~ Here’s Your Homework

Sorry folks, there will be no class again tonight (Wednesday, Oct 31) at Peaceful Hands. 

We’ll extend this session through next week and start a shortened Holiday session the following week that builds in a bonus class.  More details on all that soon.

In the meantime, I’ve asked these skeletons of 1929 to lead you through a Halloweeny vinyasa …


If you know of anyone who might not get this email in a timely fashion … could you let them know for me?  Thank you for your understanding!

Spookiciously Yours, Jackie

No Class Tonight — Monday, Oct 29

Argh! I’m very sorry but I must cancel class tonight unexpectedly.

Just to make things easy, I’m not going to extend the session … instead, I will make sure that the Holiday Session includes a bonus class for everyone to benefit us all!

If you know of anyone who might not get this email in a timely fashion … could you let them know for me?  Thank you for your understanding!

~ Jackie


Yoga Schedule Reminders!

Make Time For Your Yoga

Why unroll your Yoga mat at Peaceful Hands? A new study finds that those who took a group exercise class at least weekly for three months had a 26% drop in stress and a boost in mental, physical, and emotional well being. Those who worked out alone, or didn’t exercise at all, missed those benefits. (per the Journal of the American Osteopathic Assn.)

So, join us won’t you?

A couple quick reminders …

Class is a “yes” for tomorrow … Monday, October 8, Columbus Day.

But, there is no class on Wednesday, October 10. This was already reflected in the current schedule, so the make-up date is already on the calendar.

We’re halfway through the Fall Session which is scheduled to run through Monday, November 5.  (If you’re wondering how many classes you have left in your session, just ask!)

It’s never too late to join us … come be part of our “group.” There’s always room for you.

Peaceful Hands Yoga

Mondays & Wednesdays

4:30 p.m. — Level 1

6:00 p.m. — Level 1 / Level 2

228 Warren Street, Orange Virginia

More info is right here. Or email me at

I look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Autumniciously Yours, Jackie

Fall Yoga Session Begins Wednesday, September 5!

Our YogaPalooza summer sesh’ wrapped up last week. I hope you had fun. (I did.)

Thank you for spending your summer on the mat with me.  (And, a deep bow to Sandy, who attended all 20 classes this summer. And, bows, too, to Cathy and Lynn who were on the mat all 19 days.)

Now, as it turns to autumn, it’s time to turn down the busy-ness of life.

So busy. So very very busy.

Why not take a moment to get back to basics? A moment just for you?

Unrolling your mat in a dedicated studio has its advantages.

Fewer interruptions, for one …


A dedicated Yoga studio allows you to unroll your mat and turn fully inward without the distractions of the phone, the computer, chores, and the demands of the day popping up in the middle of your down dog. It’s a dedicated time to honor yourself – your needs and your good health.

You deserve that. You really do. Continue reading

YogaPalooza Winds Down: Warriors With Heart & Soul

When YogaPalooza 2018 started two months — and 18 classes — ago, it seemed like summer would go on forever. Now, just two classes left before we fold up our 11th annual YogaPalooza summer session.

And, what a summer! It rained and rained and rained. Then it didn’t rain. Then it rained again. (Once it even rained inside the studio … just one of those unexpected YogaPalooza surprises!) We had a record number of classes, three Saturday morning practices, and two wonderful guest instructors. And, three people joined me at every class – well, there’s two classes left, so let’s see if they make it to 20 and their special reward!

And, now here we are. Summer’s nearly gone.

First, thank you.

Photo by Carl Attard on

That you choose to spend one or two evenings a week, unrolling your mat with me, is something I am profoundly grateful for. You inspire me. You have helped create not only a dedicated Yoga studio, but a family. Your support of our studio – and each other – makes my heart smile as widely as a heart possibly can.

The last two classes of YogaPalooza are this week. Time to squeeze the last little bit out of our Summer of Yoga!

Monday, August 27 ~ Peaceful Warrior

Warriors — and Warrior poses — can get a bad rap, conjuring up images of confrontation and war. That’s a shame, because that’s not the point. True Warriors are the ultimate peace-niks. It is through their internal strength, poise, confidence, and calm that they are able to rise above the tumult of life’s stresses and conflicts. Peaceful Warriors are heart-ful, not heartless.

Wednesday, August 29 ~ “Heart & Soul”

Photo by Pixabay on

You put your heart and soul into your Yoga practice. I know this is true, because I watch you do it. I watch you navigate aches and pains of a body that hurts some days (or most days). I watch you navigate the stresses and challenges of family and life and work. I watch you navigate traffic and bad weather and meetings that run late in order to get to class on time. And, still there you are … at 4:30 or 6:00 p.m. heading up the steps, dropping your shoes at the door, and unrolling your mat. You are awesome!

This special heartful and soulful class – the last class of YogaPalooza 2018 – is my gift to you. (And, if you’ve already finished all the classes in your 8-class session, consider it a bonus and come anyway!)

Looking Ahead … 

We’ll be off Labor Day Monday. Our 8-week Fall Sesh’ will begin Wednesday, September 5. I’ll send out a reminder before then. (And, as always, if you have a friend who might benefit from Yoga … please invite them to join us. This fall session would be a perfect introduction to Yoga!)

YogaPalooza ~ Where Summer Unfolds 

Monday & Wednesday, 4:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

You don’t have to wait til fall, join us this week! You’ll find general class info, including directions to the studio, here.

Peaceful Hands Yoga | 228 Warren Street | Orange, Virginia 

Thank you for sharing your Yoga with me this summer. YogaPalooza would be a drag without you.

Paloozally Yours, Jackie 


YogaPalooza Saturday! “Earth, Wind, & Fire”

There’s still a little YogaPalooza left before we wrap up the summer!

And, the last of our three special Saturday classes is tomorrow – August 25 at 9:30 a.m.

Join us for some Earth, Wind, & Fire.

Ayurveda, the science of Yoga, reminds us that we are made up of elements: earth … wind … and fire.  Those are the elements that make up everything – people, trees, bears, frogs  …

High Five, Cats! You’re Earth, Wind, & Fire, Too!

Continue reading

YogaPalooza This Week: “All You Nidra Is Love”

If YogaPalooza had a Yin and Yang pair of classes – two classes that together reflect both the lively spirit of Yang energy and the quiet relaxing energy of Yin – these would fit the bill.

This week at YogaPalooza … Yin and Yang. Monday starts with the lively high-spirited “Yang’iest” class of the summer …

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YogaPalooza: Happy Hips & “Min’Yasa”

I love all of YogaPalooza’s classes, but this week brings two of my favorites!

Monday, August 6 ~ Happy Hips, 4:30 p.m. & 6:00 p.m.

Do I love this class because it focuses on bringing ease and flexibility to the hips – the hub that connects upper and lower body, the structure that gives us both stability and movement, and the area especially prone to wear-and-tear and aches-and-pains?

Well, yes, but …

Do I love this class because – year-in and year-out – you tell me you love it, too?

Well, yes, but …

Or, do I love this class because it gives me the chance to, once a year, post this …

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