No Yoga Tonight — February 20.

Snow’s Coming Down … Turning Everything White.

Sleet’s Coming Later … No Yoga Tonight!

There’s no telling what the weather will be later today … but I think it’s best to err on the side of caution and cancel Yoga classes at Peaceful Hands for this afternoon and evening.

We’ll extend the current session, accordingly.  There are two classes left in the Winter session, which will now run through next Wednesday, February 27.  And, the Spring Session will begin on Monday, March 4.

Stay warm and safe!  (And, yes, unroll your mat at home tonight and get your practice in!)

Flurryingly Yours, Jackie

Yoga Updates & Reminders …

From My Heart To Yours …

Just a few reminders for you … as the Winter Session at Peaceful Hands draws to its close.

** The most important reminder – if the weather seems iffy to you, it’s probably iffy to me, too. Check this website or, if you’re receiving this via email, your in-box, before venturing out. I try to post cancellations at least two hours before class time. If there’s no announcement, then class is “on.” (And, of course, if class is cancelled, the session is extended.) Continue reading

Meditation Practice on Sunday, February 3

Join me this Sunday, February 3, for a mindfulness meditation practice at Peaceful Hands Yoga.

Tibetan New Year – Losar – begins in early February, so we will focus our meditation practice on refreshing and re-vitalizing for the year ahead.

This year ushers in the energy of the earth pig – a gentler, more grounded energy than this past year’s fiery “fire dog.”  So, perhaps, things will slow down a bit for us, perhaps things will get less chaotic.  And, that’s not a bad energy to focus our practice on. Continue reading

Meditation Practice On Sunday, January 6

There is a beautiful energy that fills a room whenever people sit in quiet together. You can just feel it sparkle all around and through you.

But, that’s not all. There are also profound and proven health benefits, too.

Stress reduction. Improved heart health and blood pressure. Hormonal balance that can improve sleep and metabolism (even better than dieting!).  And, brain boosting through improved mental clarity, memory (even helping ward off age-related “brain fog”), and better concentration.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Continue reading

2019 At Peaceful Hands Yoga Starts On New Year’s Day!


It’s never too late to begin again.

Our 2019 schedule at Peaceful Hands Yoga begins next week … and I hope you’ll join me.

Here are all the details, including info on new classes, new pricing, and an upcoming meditation practice.

Join me once … twice … three times next week. Join me all through 2019. I’d love to see you!

Continue reading

Some Changes Afoot At Peaceful Hands Yoga In 2019!

Make a cup of tea and pull up a chair. We have lots of 2019 news for Peaceful Hands Yoga to get to …

First, let’s wrap up the Holiday session. The final classes of 2018 are this week on Monday and Wednesday, 12/17 and 12/19.  We’ll be off Christmas week. 

Which brings us to …

Some changes are afoot at Peaceful Hands Yoga in 2019, based on your suggestions and requests.

There will be additional classes, more opportunities for make-ups, a new session option, and updated pricing.  (Don’t worry, the pricing adjustment will still make your classes the best Yoga deal in the region … and, even better than before!)

Here’s how it will work. Continue reading

Yes! There IS Class Tonight At Peaceful Hands Yoga.

Is there Yoga class tonight (Monday, December 10) at Peaceful Hands Yoga? Let’s ask beloved actor Neil Patrick Harris …

That’s a “thumb’s up” from Neil.

It’s never an easy call.  Trust me, deciding on whether we have class when weather intervenes is one of the least-fun parts of having a Yoga studio.

BUT … the main roads between Madison and Orange are clear. Roads in the town of Orange are clear. And, the parking lot at the studio has been cleared.

SO … YES! … we ARE going to have Yoga classes tonight at Peaceful Hands Yoga.

As always, if you’re concerned about your drive, don’t stress.  Unroll your mat at home. But, I’ll be at the studio — I’ll  have it toasty warm —  and if you’re able to join me tonight, please do.

4:30 p.m.   ||   6:00 p.m.

228 Warren Street || Orange, Virginia

Snowfully Yours, Jackie

Tomorrow’s Wildlife Center Open House — Your Questions, Answered!

You knew I was going to remind you once more about the Wildlife Center of Virginia Open House Benefit and Yoga Class tomorrow didn’t you?  Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

9:30 a.m. Yoga Class

11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Open House

Peaceful Hands Yoga

228 Warren Street in Orange, Virginia

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can’t make it to the Open House, but I want to help … what can I do? Continue reading

Yoga Update, Wildlife Center News, & Thanksgiving Blessings Galore …

A few reminders from Peaceful Hands Yoga …

** There will be no Monday/Wednesday classes with Jackie at Peaceful Hands Yoga Thanksgiving week. Classes resume on Monday, November 26.

** Our upcoming Open House/Yoga Class benefit for the Wildlife Center of Virginia is more important than ever!

On Thursday, the Wildlife Center suffered significant damage from the severe ice storm that hit the East Coast. As of Sunday morning, they are still without power (and have no back up generator).

Some of the damage: Continue reading