Whoooo Wants Yoga?

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who braved the snow to join Athena the Barred Owl and the other Wildlife Center of Virginia friends at our annual Peaceful Hands Open House!  (That’s Athena doing Tadasana.)

And, especially, thank you for your generosity — your gifts of supplies and financial support.  It really does make a difference.

You know that Yoga is more than a stretch on the mat. Yoga is the kindness and compassion and love you learn from your practice and then take off the mat.  And, your kindness, compassion, and love has helped save a wild animal life!

A couple quick Yoga things …

YES, there IS Yoga this week!

Monday, December 18 AND Wednesday, December 20

4:30 p.m. Level One

6:00 p.m. Level One / Level Two

We’ll be off the following week and then our Peaceful Hands tradition …


Monday, January 1, 2018

9:30 a.m.

Join us for a sparkly Kundalini-inspired morning class that will wring out the old and freshen up your energy for the New Year.

(Plus, a few New Year’s Day surprises … but you’ll have to come to class to find out!)

Same deal as always … New Year’s Day Yoga … $13.

Or, register and pay for the Winter Session at the New Year’s class and your New Year’s class is FREE!

The Winter Session will begin on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 3.

More info on all of that soon …

General class info, including directions to the studio, is here.

It’s never too late in a session to join us … I hope I see you on the mat!

And, P.S. Don’t forget to check out the Wildlife Center of Virginia’s live online “Critter Cam.” (I recommend the bear cubs on Channel 2!)

Photo courtesy of the Wildlife Center of Virginia

Is This How You Do Tree Pose?

Check out the Wildlife Center Critter Cams here.

Holidayishilly Yours, 



Yes To Yoga & Open House Today! We’ll Be There!

Yes, we’ll be there!  While the forecast is a little unsettled — yes, I see those snowflakes outside — we settled on YES for today’s Yoga Class and Open House.

Yoga at 9:30 a.m. 

Open House from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

If you are concerned about the weather where you are … then, please, don’t stress. But, if you want to swing by … we’ll be there, along with lots of sweet and savory treats, and visitors from the Wildlife Center!

More info is here: Wildlife Center Open House & Yoga Class

I hope to see you!

Saturday Yoga & Open House — Just Say Yes!

SATURDAY UPDATE … YES!  The Yoga class and Open House is a YES for today.  We’re going to be there … and you’re invited, too.  But, if the weather is frightful where you are, no worries. But, if you can, we look forward to seeing you!

Yes, I saw the forecast, too.  It’s trying to snow on our Peaceful Hands Open House tomorrow.

Who’s to know?  You know the old Yoga saying – past is gone, future is unknowable, the only reality is the present moment.

And, at this present moment, I am taking a quick break from baking and cooking and getting things ready for our Yoga Class and Open House tomorrow!

So, Yes … there will be a free Yoga class at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow, followed by an Open House for the Wildlife Center of Virginia – complete with lots of food and some special visitors from the Wildlife Center – from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Come for one, come for both! 

(Special thanks to Rod Sedwick who has worked tirelessly these past couple days to ensure we are toasty warm in the studio tomorrow.)

Did I mention door prizes?


Beautiful original artwork.   Photography from a world-renowned artist.  A basket of Yoga treats.  And, a gift certificate for a 90-minute Trager Bodywork session from Carrie Heitsch, CTP.  (You may know Carrie as the instructor for our balancing Saturday during YogaPalooza.)

I did mention food, didn’t I?  (Dr. Beier’s cheesecake is all ready for you.)

All you need to do is knock the snowflakes off of your shoes … bring a gift for the Wildlife Center … and join us!

More info, including the Wildlife Center “wish list” is here: Wildlife Center Wish List

With an eye toward the weather, I will post here, either way, on Saturday morning – thumbs up or thumbs down.

(I’m rooting “thumbs up!”)

And, if the snow does you in where you are, you may bring your Wildlife Center gifts to class or drop them at my massage studio.  (Just check in with me to arrange a time.)

This is my gift to you – my Peaceful Hands family.  And, this is our gift to the Wildlife Center of Virginia. More than 2,700 wild animals in need have come through their doors this year (and the year isn’t over yet!).  I am so grateful for all you do to help the Center throughout the year!

Randy and Lacy and Amanda will join us from the Center … and they will bring you the latest updates on the bear cubs and bobcats and their other patients.  (Please ask Lacy to tell you about the rare Fowler’s Toad who came in this year.)

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Happy Thanksgiving …

How many pumpkins can fit in the back of a Subaru Outback?

The correct answer is: This many.

Thank you to the lovely Shanks family who have Madison Gardens on Route 29 and who donated all these pumpkins to the Wildlife Center of Virginia. The bear cubs are going to have a delicious treat on Thanksgiving! (And, yes, I counted as we loaded … there were 248 pumpkins loaded into the Subaru, if you include the ones piled up on the front passenger seat.)

Wishing you a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving. And, because some of you asked, I am sharing with you the blessings from our Yoga classes last week — along with some from previous Thanksgiving classes.

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”  ~ Albert Schweitzer

This is, by far, my most favorite cartoon of all time … from Mutts

this moment mutts

I have looked for other blessings of gratitude over the years, and there are beautiful ones out there, but this is the one that I always come back to. It is from W.E.B. Du Bois, the tireless civil rights leader and author.

Give us thankful hearts … in this the season of Thy Thanksgiving. May we be thankful for health and strength, for sun and rain and peace. Let us seize the day and the opportunity and strive for that greatness of spirit that measures life not by its disappointments but by its possibilities, and let us ever remember that true gratitude and appreciation shows itself neither in independence nor satisfaction, but passes the gift joyfully on in larger and better form.

And, here’s a cornucopia of other gratitude blessings from our Yoga classes over the years …

Click here for the Gratitude Savasana and Energy Bridge instruction: Thanksgiving Yoga ~ A Blessing, Part 1

Click here for another beautiful blessing that guided our meditation at the end of a previous Thanksgiving class: Thanksgiving Yoga ~ A Blessing, Part 2

Here The Buddha explains why we should be thankful: So, Let Us All Be Thankful

And, for a beautiful poem of Gratitude from Harriett Kofalk that served as the foundation of one of our Thanksgiving Day Yoga practices: I Give Thanks

I’m sharing all these with you again to inspire you (“inspire” being simply the sneaky way of saying … I’m “reminding” you) to unroll your mat sometime this week … and infuse your practice with gratitude and a smile. Even if you do just one asana this week — just one — be grateful that you can.

May you have much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving … including this moment. And, this moment. And, this one. And … 


Peaceful Hands Holiday Open House & Yoga Class ~ Benefiting The Wildlife Center of Virginia Saturday, Dec. 9, 2017

On SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2017 join me for a special morning Yoga class and Holiday Open House at Peaceful Hands Yoga in Orange, Virginia …


All-Levels Yoga Class ~ 9:30 a.m.

at Peaceful Hands Yoga Studio in Orange, Virginia

Open House follows ~ 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

(If you’re not up to Yoga, just come to the Open House, simple as that!)

Your “cost”? 1) Make a cash/check donation to the Wildlife Center of Virginia or, 2) Bring a bag filled with needed supplies for the Center. Please choose items from this list:

Paper Towels w Tissues (no lotion) w Glad/Hefty Trash Bags (30 gallon & yard sized) w Ziplock Bags w Safety Glasses/Goggles w Mixed Nuts (unsalted, raw, no peanuts) w Canned & Dry Dog or Cat Food (any size, any brand) w  Tuna Fish in cans w Basic office supplies: 20 lb. white paper, pens, padded mailing envelopes, dry erase markers.

The Wildlife Center of Virginia depends entirely on the generosity of individuals like us to support their life-saving work. They have cared for more than 2,600 wild animals this year … and new patients come in every single day.

screech owl babies

They all need our help ~ Please be generous!

Your kind help means these animals receive care … and, when they’re ready, they can be released back to their wild homes, just like this Great Horned Owlet released in Orange last month:


Even if you can’t make it to class … stop by anyway!

11 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 

Enjoy hot apple cider and deeee-licious sweet and savory treats. (The Peaceful Hands Test Kitchen is up and running … ) And, because I have anticipated your next question — YES! Dr. Beier’s Cheesecake will be there, too!

Enter to win a PEACEFUL HANDS HOLIDAY BASKET, filled with some of my favorite things and a few other giveaway surprises, too!

Visit with The Wildlife Center’s Executive Vice President Randy Huwa and other Wildlife Center staff who will be there to thank you for your support and to tell you about the wild patients you have helped this year — from bear cubs to hummingbirds.

Take A Pic with a wild critter, because they’re coming to the Open House, too! Maybe a raptor, maybe a possum, maybe a turtle, maybe an owl. I can’t tell you which Wildlife Center “Wild Ambassadors” will be there, but I can tell you that they are looking forward to seeing you!

Bring a friend. You don’t have to do Yoga to come by. And, please let others know about this Open House — it’s a great way to introduce new folks to our Yoga studio and to the work of the Wildlife Center.

I hope you’ll stop by. (I can’t eat all these cookies by myself, you know … plus, I want to see you!)  

If you can’t make it, you can still help the animals — just drop off your gift at my massage or Yoga studio.



Look! Here are some bunny patients enjoying clover from Peaceful Hands’ Team Bunny!

Thank you, as always, for your kindness.

To learn more about the Wildlife Center of Virginia, their animals, and to check out their awesome LIVE Critter Cam, visit: Wildlife Center of Virginia.

Need info? Have a cookie request? Ideas for the Open House? I’m all ears.

Email me at jackie@peacefulhands.com or call 540-672-9528.  And, directions are here: Directions to Studio.

I hope to see you!  The weather is going to be perfect. (But, I’ll come up with a backup plan, just in case.)


5-Week (+One!) Holiday Yoga Session Begins 11/6

It happens every year around this time.

Things change color.

And, many of us get so busy with stuff during this time of year we don’t even notice. We busy ourselves so much, we miss the best parts.

Too busy?

Don’t “Too Busy” yourself out of good health. Don’t “Too Busy” yourself out of Yoga.

If not now, when? When will you let the “busy” stop and “you” begin?

How about … right now?

Give yourself a gift … time to restore. Time for Yoga. Join us.

The current Fall Session wraps up this week: Monday, October 30 and Wednesday, November 1.

Then this:

5-Week (+ One!) Holiday Yoga Session 2017

Peaceful Hands Yoga

Mondays & Wednesdays

4:30 p.m. & 6:00 p.m.

Monday, November 6 through Monday, December 18

(No classes Thanksgiving Week.)

See what I did there? There’s an extra class tucked in. It’s a little stocking stuffer for you!

As always, the Holiday Session will provide a more nurturing and quieting practice, with emphasis on kindling the heart’s fire, warming the bones, and taking time to step away from the stress of our daily world to reset and restore.

And, my little gift to you … Special Fees for this HOLIDAY Session:

6 Classes: $48 (take any SIX classes during the 5-week session)

Full Session: $75 (take as many of my Monday/Wednesday classes as you like!)
Drop In/Single Class: $13

Peaceful Hands Yoga Studio 
228 Warren Street in Orange, Virginia 
(Upstairs at the Sedwick Racquetball Club)

And, YES! We will have our special holiday meditation series (schedule out soon) and our special New Years Day Yoga class will be, you guessed it, New Years Day.

And, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9, is our annual Yoga Class & Open House to benefit the Wildlife Center of Virginia.  Some special friends from the Wildlife Center will be joining us, so mark your calendar! (more on that soon, too).

If you’re new to Yoga, or to my classes, please come try a class. (Your first class is free!) For general info, including directions to the studio, class levels,  what to expect, etc. … click here

And, you can always reach me by email at jackie@peacefulhands.com or at 540-672-9528.


You’re Invited! Wildlife Center Owl Release At Montpelier On Tuesday, 10/17

The Wildlife Center of Virginia invites you to join them tomorrow — Tuesday, October 17 — at James Madison’s Montpelier in Orange. They’re releasing a young GREAT HORNED OWL back to the wild!

Great Horned Owl, Patient #17-0363 ~ The Star Of The Show

This owlet came to the Wildlife Center in April after falling from its nest. When the rescuer was unable to re-nest it, the owlet was brought to the Wildlife Center.

The Owlet, back in April. My, how it has grown!

Bright and feisty, the little owlet was eventually housed with an adult Great Horned Owl resident at the Wildlife Center who helped “raise” it by showing the owlet the ropes of hunting and life in the wild. The owlet’s healthy and ready to be free!

The owlet’s full Wildlife Center patient report is here.

There’s nothing like watching a wild animal get a second chance back in the wild.  It’s a special experience and will warm your heart. I’ll be there. I hope you will, too.

Here are the details:

The owlet will be released at James Madison’s Montpelier in Orange County on Tuesday, October 17 at 6:15 p.m.  The release is open to the public.

Please RSVP to lkegley@wildlifecenter.org just so the Center can keep track of attendees.

Enter through the main gate on Route 20 [Constitution Highway] and follow signs to the Visitor Center.

Any other questions, you can let me know: jackie@peacefulhands.com  I hope to see you!

Fall Yoga Session At Peaceful Hands Begins Monday, September 11

There are many reasons why a Yoga class, with an instructor, is more beneficial in the long run than a Yoga DVD or online stream.

A live class can offer variety. There’s a reason why doing the same practice and poses over and over gets easier – eventually muscle memory takes over and cuts corners, at the expense of overall toning and flexibility. The more variety in your practice, the more the whole body benefits. And, your brain loves learning new things!

A class offers an opportunity for questions, new ways to think about your practice, camaraderie, and, importantly, a studio that is free from the distractions of home (although, occasionally the goats next to the studio will get to singing.)

Oh, and one more thing – a DVD or virtual teacher would never share a video of a cartoon cat doing Yoga.


You’re welcome.

Time to unroll your mat – and yourself.

The 8-week Fall Yoga Session at Peaceful Hands Yoga begins MONDAY.

Monday, September 11 thru Wednesday, November 1

Classes are Mondays & Wednesdays

4:30 p.m. — Level 1

6:00 p.m. — Level 1/Level 2

Same pricing as always.

$120 — unlimited Monday & Wednesday Classes

$72 — take any 8 classes during the 8-week session

$13 — single drop-in class

(Your first class with me is free.)

It’s never too early or too late to join a session, so if you’re thinking about Yoga, swing by and join us.

And, why not invite a friend to join you this session?

Yoga + Friends = Even Better Yoga

Peaceful Hands Yoga is located at 228 Warren Street, in the Sedwick Racquetball Club, in Orange, Virginia.

More Info, including studio directions, can be found here: Peaceful Hands Yoga General Info

Come for the Practice.  (And, the occasional cat video.)

I hope to see you on the mat!

Septemberally Yours, Jackie





Who’s Your Yoga Role Model?

There’s a belief that magazines and Instagram hold the secret to Yoga – that Yoga role models are the people in the pretzeliest poses, in the fanciest leggings, and with the prettiest flowing hair.

I’m not the pretzeliest one in my class, my leggings are boring, and as those of you who know me know, flowing hair … what?

And, so a flowing-haired pretzelly poser might not be the best role model for me.  And, maybe not for you either.

This is my Yoga role model.

thanks to my friend Tim Black for this awesome photo.

Hi, Mt. Shasta! How are you today?

I’ve come to learn that role models come in all shapes and sizes. And, sometimes a Yoga role model isn’t even a person at all.

Mt. Shasta reminds me of stillness and strength. Mt. Shasta also reminds me that Tadasana, the mountain pose, is more than just standing around waiting for another pose. It is being present, still, and strong. It is its own pose.

When I told a friend that Mt. Shasta was my muse, she got me this tee-shirt …


Sure, I like seeing what pretzelly poses they come up with on Instagram. I don’t discount anyone just because they have fancy leggings and many of them tell beautiful stories and share important Yoga tips.  But, I also learn something from everyone who comes to our Yoga classes. So, you, too, are my role models.

So, your homework this week – while Peaceful Hands classes are on break – is to find a few out-of-the-ordinary role models that can inspire your practice and I hope they will nudge you to unroll your mat and see where your Yoga can take you this week.

National Public Radio reported yesterday on a study that found that inactivity today does more than raise the risk of disease, it also reduces the ability to get around at all as we grow older. And, rebounding from prolonged inactivity becomes slower – much, much slower – as we grow older. The story is here.

So, do your Yoga today, so you can do your Yoga tomorrow.

(Fall Session at Peaceful Hands begins Monday, September 11. More details in a couple days … but, first, time to unroll my mat and see what Mt. Shasta inspires in me today.)

Shastafarianly Yours, Jackie