YogaPalooza Calendar (& a contest!)

Our 8th Annual YogaPalooza begins tonight at Peaceful Hands Yoga in Orange!

Just in case you want to keep track of the YogaPalooza session or you have your eye on a special class that you don’t want to miss, I’ve cooked up a little calendar that you can print and … hang on your fridge, or post on your bathroom mirror, or fold into your planner, or tape to your cat, or hide in your cereal box, or roll up with your Yoga mat, or tuck under your pillow.  Really, the possibilities are endless.

Stevie has her calendar

Hey! Get Your Own Calendar!

Click: yogapalooza 15 mini calendar for the calendar in an easy-to-print PDF.

Plus, a CONTEST!  Send me a photo of your YogaPalooza calendar hanging out someplace cool and the most creative one will win a special Yoga prize. (Really, I’m not kidding about that. You know how I LOVE giving away prizes during YogaPalooza!)

Send your photo to me at: by Monday, July 13.  (And, yes, if you’re not nearby or not able to come to classes, I’ll mail the prize to you.)

But, the most important thing is that this calendar reminds you that Yoga helps keep you healthy and you deserve that!

Classes at 4:30 and 6:00 p.m.  General info on our classes can be found here.

I hope to see you in YogaPaloozaVille!

228 Warren Street (in the Sedwick Racquetball Club) * Orange, Virginia

YogaPalooza 2015 Starts July 6!

stress free

Your Yoga mat likes sunshine, too, so don’t forget to unroll it and soak up some summertime Yoga!

Remember … there will be NO CLASSES the week of June 29.

Our 8th Annual YogaPalooza begins Monday, July 6, 2015.

If you’ve never experienced YogaPalooza at Peaceful Hands Yoga … it’s my time to share special classes, following classic and not-so-classic Yoga themes. All in the spirit of bringing balance and ease to body, mind, and heart!

Peaceful Hands Yoga Studio 

228 Warren Street (in the Sedwick Racquetball Club) in Orange, Virginia

*** 8-WEEK YOGAPALOOZA SESSION begins Monday, July 6 2015. ***

This year, more classes than ever!

8 weeks. 18 classes.  Yup, you read right – 18 classes in 8 weeks. Here’s how …

We’ll start with our regular schedule, each Monday & Wednesday, classes at 4:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. on the following dates:

JULY 6, 8, 13, 15, 20, and 22. 

Then special classes! Times are 4:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. except for the Saturday morning class which is at 9:30 a.m.

MONDAY, JULY 27 ~ SUN & MOON FLOW … Variations of the classic Sun & Moon Salutations, will fire you up without burning you out.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 29 ~ HEART FLOW … Let Yoga open your heart. This practice nourishes heart energy, opens up the shoulders, and sends your radiant heart smiling up to the sky.

MONDAY, AUGUST 3 ~ SPINE AWAKENING … Your spine can move in 7 directions — if you let it. This practice renews the suppleness of the back and opens up the energy of the spine.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 5 ~ MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR YOGA … Yeah-Yeah-Yeah, it’s back for its 8th year!  Registered Students Only. 

SATURDAY, AUGUST 8 ~ MORNING VINYASA …  Start your weekend with a flowing, energizing practice and enjoy the refreshing energy that Yoga cultivates in the morning. (9:30 a.m.)

MONDAY, AUGUST 10 ~ YOGA NIDRA  Ahhhh … enjoy an amazing Yogic deep relaxation practice in the classic tradition.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12 ~ HIPPY, HIPPY HIPS … The class that makes hips happy. (And, the class that people tell me they love the most.)

MONDAY, AUGUST 17 ~ REGGAE/AFRO-POP … Reggae and African beats provide the perfect backdrop for an enlivening and inspiring practice.  Registered Students Only. 

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19 ~ EARTH … Celebrating Earth element that grounds us and connects us to the rich power under our feet.

MONDAY, AUGUST 24 ~ BALANCE … You hate it, you love it. But, you’d fall over without it. Balancing asanas challenge, sure. But, that’s why we call it practice.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26 ~ YIN … Yin Yoga is a slow and steady practice of asanas. Holding Yin poses for many breaths allows the body, mind, and heart to have time and permission to melt, let go, and say “ahhhh.”

FRIDAY, AUGUST 28 ~ VINYASA CLASS … We’ll close out YogaPalooza with one more special Vinyasa-esque class … or maybe something else. Not sure yet. I’m sure I’ll come up with something! :)

Here are the fees:



Take any 8 classes during this 8-week session: $72


Register for all of July and August — a total of 18 classes — for $120

(No Drop-In’s, please, for the Reggae and Magical Mystery Tour classes. Drop-In’s are welcome at all the other classes; as long as we have a spot for your mat!) 

Oh, and one more thing … there’s a tradition in YogaPaloozaVille that students who attend every class get a prize. With 18 total classes in 8 weeks, the challenge is greater than ever this year!  Are you up for it?

For general Yoga class info, including studio directions, fees, what to wear, etc, click:  Orange Yoga    

I hope we get a chance to unroll our mats together this summer.  Have a great 4th of July and I hope to see you in YogaPaloozaVille!  


Yes! Yoga On Wednesday, 6/24

Yes, indeed … we WILL have Yoga class tonight, Wednesday June 24, at Peaceful Hands!  4:30 and 6:00 p.m.

Here are a couple things for you to put on your calendar …

1) Tonight is the LAST class of this spring session and your last chance to get your makeup classes in.

2) We are OFF next week … no Yoga the week of June 29th

3) Our 8th Annual YOGAPALOOZA session will begin on Monday, July 6

4) I’ll post our special YogaPalooza schedule for July and August — with all your favorite summer classes and special treats! — over the weekend. So, if you didn’t get this info via email on Wednesday morning, be sure you’ve signed up to “FOLLOW” this website so you can stay “loopified” with Peaceful Hands. Just click the “Follow” button — which you’ll find either over there on the right side column of this website … OR … at the bottom of this page.

I hope to see you tonight at Yoga! :)


Yes! Class on Memorial Day

Just two things to tell you today …

1) YES! There is Yoga at Peaceful Hands Yoga on Monday, May 25 — Memorial Day.  Classes at 4:30 and 6:00 p.m.


2) On Memorial Day only, all CD’s and DVD’s on the “Take Your Yoga Home” counter are $3 off. I know that vacations can lead to missing Yoga through the summer.  Take a CD or DVD and your Yoga mat with you on your getaway … you’ll be set!


As heard in your Yoga classes!

Also, just a few pairs of Yoga “gloves” left. Yoga gloves are an awesome way to stop slipping on the mat … or, if there’s no room to take your Yoga mat while traveling, they’ll give you the “stick” you need to turn a patio deck or floor into an instant Yoga mat.

yoga gloves

Rigorously tested by some of our 6 p.m. class — the gloves are soft & cozy but not too thick, and abundantly sticky. Trust us, they work great!

Have a great weekend and I hope to see you in class! 

“Team Bunny” In Action!

Ever wonder what happens to all the clover and dandelions and greens that “Team Bunny” donates to the patients at the Wildlife Center of Virginia?

Now, you can see the greens in action — feeding bear cubs on the Wildlife Center’s Live “Critter Cam.”

critter 1See that? That’s kale and greens that were donated just yesterday by Team Bunny members.

If the bear cubs weren’t so busy tussling, I’m sure they would thank you themselves. So, on their behalf, I will … THANK YOU!

Check out the bear cubs LIVE on the Wildlife Center’s Critter Cam 2. They’re awesome to watch. Click here.

And, to learn more about “Team Bunny” and how you can help, click here.

New Spring Yoga Session Begins May 4

make time for your yoga

Spring is the season of growth and renewal. While the sun and the warm and the rain give birth to our gardens, the energy of springtime also brings us the opportunity to grow and renew our own energy. The warm sunshine and longer daylight may already be improving your energy and get-up-and-go.

It’s the perfect season to grow your Yoga, too. Why not join us?

228 Warren Street in Orange, VA

Mondays & Wednesdays
4:30 p.m. ~ Level 1
6:00 p.m. ~ Level 1/Level 2

New 8-Week Session
Monday, May 4, 2015
Monday, June 24, 2015

 (Yup, we WILL have classes on Memorial Day, May 25.)

$120 ~ Unlimited Classes
$72 ~ Any 8 Classes During The Session
$13 ~ Single Drop-In Class

General Information on my classes, studio directions, etc. can be found here.

And, YES … our 8th Annual YogaPalooza is on its way in July & August!

You may comment on this post with your questions or email me at

 And, please be sure to follow this website to ensure you’re getting the latest info on our Yoga classes. (I’m beginning to phase out our old email list, so following here is the very best way to stay loopified!)  Just click the “follow” link from the homepage.

I hope to see you on the mat! Namasté!

“Team Bunny” Time!


Garden Greens Are YUM!

It’s time to activate TEAM BUNNY!

During the last few years, “Team Bunny” – a dedicated group of the Peaceful Hands Yoga community – has been providing organic greens, clover, and dandelions to patients at the Wildlife Center of Virginia.

The Wildlife Center has come to us for help again this year.

It’s the Center’s annual spring influx of rabbits (many are very young orphan bunnies) – dozens have come in during recent weeks and more arrive every day.

It’s clear these furry patients don’t particularly like the regular “hospital fare” the Center provides. (And, really, who does like hospital food?) But, what baby bunnies and their friends DO love is snacking on dandelion greens and clover.

Would you be willing to donate a bag of dandelions and clover from your yard?

(Yes, really. I am asking for your garden weeds.)

Peaceful Hands Yoga students & massage clients have provided many, many, many pounds of natural greens to feed Wildlife Center patients. In recognition of this kindness, the Peaceful Hands’ family has been dubbed “Team Bunny.”

In addition to the rabbits, our greens also are used to feed other patients at the Center, including bear cubs and box turtles.

team bunny1 2015

team bunny2 2015

“Team Bunny rocks!  I took the attached photos today of a few of the 21 neonatal cottontails currently in our care enjoying their Team Bunny clover. :)  Exposing them to the natural foods that they will eat in the wild is the best way to wean them from formula onto solid foods.  It also acclimates them to hiding in vegetation to protect them from predators.” ~ Dr. Kelli Knight, Assistant Director of Veterinary Services, Wildlife Center of Virginia

Join “TEAM BUNNY” by donating a bag — or 2 or 3 — of greens and help feed the bunnies!

Here’s how …

If you’re out in your yard, garden, or pasture (in untreated, pesticide- and chemical-free areas only, please) and you wander across some dandelions and/or clover, the Wildlife Center would love to have them! Fresh is better, of course, so if you’re coming to class or have a massage scheduled, pull them up in the morning sometime and bring them in with you. Or drop them off at my massage studio any time during the week.

Here’s what the Center can use:

  • Dandelions – especially the green leafy parts
  • Clover
  • Lettuce – dark green varieties
  • Kale
  • Collards

A little bag. A big bag. Every little bit helps.

The rabbits and others will need the bounty for many weeks to come. And, soon the goslings and ducklings will benefit from your donations as well.

And, a happy, eating rabbit is a healing rabbit (or duckling or bear cub or turtle), and that makes the job easier for the Center’s Vets and Rehabbers.

Email me with questions at

In Yoga, the generous donation of time, service, and gifts to those in need is known as Seva.

Team Bunny is Seva in action.

Thank you for all you do to help the wildlife around us.

The Perfect “Giraffe Pose”

My Yoga classes and I will, on occasion, rename Yoga poses.

Not because the original  names are wrong, but because sometimes they’re dull or just not the right fit for us. Sometimes we come up with something better.

Like Giraffe-asana. Which is standing wide-legged fold. It just feels so much better when you imagine yourself stepping wide to allow your long, long graceful giraffe neck to reach down and down and down in order to take a cool sip of water.

Really. It’s a totally better pose when you channel your inner giraffe.

You can see Giraffe-asana here … if you watch this through … done to perfection.


Road Work Closes Byrd Street ~ New Directions To Peaceful Hands Yoga Studio

The town of Orange is continuing its road improvement project and it has just closed off Byrd Street.  Many of you take Byrd Street to come around to the Yoga Studio.  You’ll need to change that for the next little while, by coming down Route 15 through town and then turning onto Route 20 which takes you to Warren Street.

Sorry about the change, but then Yoga is all about flexibility, right?  We’ll have our Byrd Street “shortcut” back eventually.

In the meantime, here are the directions from the north or the south …


From The North End of Orange via Route 15: Turn left at the signal light at Route 20 (Dairy Korner/Exxon intersection). Go approx 1/4 mile.  Turn left onto Warren Street (the Rescue Squad is on the corner). Go about 1 block and the gold metal building is on your left!

From the South End of Orange via Route 15: Turn right at the signal light at Route 20 (Dairy Korner/Exxon intersection).  Go approx 1/4 mile.  Turn left onto Warren Street (the Rescue Squad is on the corner). Go about 1 block and the gold metal building is on your left!

General: An online map to the studio is here:

There’s no sign on the building at the moment, but that will be coming soon!

You may park anywhere in front of or along the side of the building, or in that big open area to the right of the building.  Enter through the front door. (Please do not use the side entrance steps; that door will be locked.)  The Yoga studio is on the second floor.

Please note: the front door is unlocked on class days by 4:10 p.m. Please be on time to avoid missing your class!

Thank you for passing the word on!  See you at class!